Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sokcho Week 14

Dear Family and Friends,
There is just no end to awesome weeks here in Sokcho!  Since our busiest day by far was yesterday (Sunday), I'll start off with those details.  We had a new investigator show up at church and he seemed to like it a lot.  His name is Brother Lim (임), and he is 28 years old.  He has been attending our English Class for a while and even works with a Less-Active Member!  Anyways, we invited him to church, and he said he liked it and decided that he needed to read the bible more.  He's super quiet and reserved so it's really hard to tell exactly how he's feeling because his facial expression doesn't change, but I'm guessing he's interested.    During our Sunday school class on the New Testament, I was scrambling hectically to find scripture after scripture as our teacher switched from the New Testament, to the D&C, to the Book of Mormon, and back to the New Testament.  What made it crazier what that I was trying to help Brother Jeon and Brother Lim find those scriptures all in Korean...It didn't turn out super well, but everything was fine fortunately.
After Church, things got crazier.  The Branch President, Elder Lanford, had to do about 4 interviews and give 3 blessings, one of which was the Aaronic Preisthood to Brother Jeon.  I think I'm finally starting to understand a little bit about the sacrifices that Bishops and other church leaders make on a daily basis.  It all turned out well, but one can imagine the stress that a 20 year-old missionary/branch president would feel because of it.  Anyways, I was just glad that Brother Jeon got the Priesthood he is so ready for.  The blessing went really well, and I am looking forward to blessing the Sacrament with him next week!  Later that night, we met with Brother Lim again and talked about the restoration.  He seems ready to read the Book of Mormon, and he even accepted a soft baptismal invitation!
On Tuesday, we got on a bus and traveled to a smaller city called Inje that's part of our branch boundaries.  Even though our area is super huge, we usually only proselyte in Sokcho because it takes a long time to travel to other areas.  Anyways, it was a long bus ride, but we had the opportunity to talk to some cool people who have never heard about the church.  Our group of four Elders ended up giving out 10 Book of Mormons that day!  We also did a fun service project this week instead of our usual service at the Nursing Home.  We hauled coal brick things (연탄) on our backs to poor people's houses who would freeze without them during the winter.  It was some really fun hard work!

Last Monday, We also had a really cool and crazy experience with a former investigator.  He was doing really well and coming to church but then he stopped coming around the time Elder Elwood got here.  We hadn't talked with him in a super long time, but on Monday, Elder Elwood randomly suggested that we try and visit him.  We gave it a shot and he was there! We talked with him for a while and it looks like he's going to start meeting again.  It was a really cool miracle that I was super thankful for.  

Thanks for all the support again! This little town in Korea is one of the coolest places ever!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Service project carrying coal to heat homes of those in need

Elder Lanford

Elder Wheeler and Elder Lanford

Sister Evans

Sister Lee and Sister Evans

Elder Lanford

Elder Lanford

Elder Wheeler

The group of volunteers for the service project

Sokcho District

Chow Time!

Sister Evans and Elder Lanford

Sister Lee

Sister Evans

Elder Shin

Elder Elwood (Chase's companion)

Elder Elwood
Elder Shin Junho


Elder Lanford, Elder Wheeler, Elder Elwood and Elder Shin Junho

Example of English usage in Korea
Elder Wheeler and Elder Shin

Elder Elwood and Elder Wheeler eating a home cooked meal
More dance practice for upcoming talent show

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