Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sokcho Week 15 - District Conference!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was really hectic and involved quite a bit of travel to 강릉 (Gangneung).  First of all, on Friday we had a pretty big missionary conference where we got to watch "Meet the Mormons." I know it's already on DVD back in America, but I really enjoyed seeing it for the first time.  President Christensen talked about how we can apply it to missionary work and gave some really good ideas.  I'm always super grateful for his advice and guidance because he is such a spiritual giant!  I also got to see some of the missionaries who I served with in the MTC like Elder Bluhm and Elder Manwaring.  Both of them were transferred out to the east coast this past transfer. At the conference, there was also a really big focus on the Book of Mormon and using it to change lives.  It was a great reminder of the power that book has to enlighten and bring the Spirit.

On Saturday, we had our district Conference with branches from 태백, 원주, 강릉, and 동해.  It was cool to see other Korean members from different cities; the feeling of unity was really strong.  For that Saturday night adult session, a member of the 70, 정태걸, spoke to us mainly about councils.  He taught that the concept of councils we use in our branches should also take place within our families and at work.  It was a really cool meeting; although, I wasn't really able to understand all of what was going on.  That night, we slept at the Gangneung Elders' house because of the long and expensive bus ride back to Sokcho.  They have a really big house compared to ours, so room wasn't a problem.  

On Sunday, our branch members car pooled over to Gangneung in two cars, one of which Brother Jeon drove.  They got to Gangneung safely, and Brother Jeon especially seemed to really enjoy the meeting.  We got to hear some beautiful testimonies as well as President Christensen and his wife's words, and again from our area 70.  After the district meeting was over, we had a huge meal together with some super good food.  The district conference was quite different than the stake conferences we normally have in America.  Everything went really well, and I was able to get some much need advice and inspiration to keep working hard.

As for this past P-Day, we went to a cool Buddhist temple right next to the ocean just south of Sokcho.  Luckily, a Buddhist monk that we met really liked missionaries, so he gave us a free tour around the place.  He even played some really big drum for us.  I really enjoyed the time we got to spend there and admire the cool scenery and carefully constructed Buddhist temples.

Thanks for all the love and support! 

Your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Wheeler
Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Monk

Buddhist Temple

Elder Elwood, Sister Evans, Sister Lee, Elder Lanford, Chase and Elder Shin Junho

Sister Lee, Sister Evans, Buddhist Monk, Elder Shin Junho and Chase

Sokcho Elders with Buddhist Monk

Elder Shin Junho and Chase

Elder Lanford and Chase

Chase marching to the beat of his own drum!

Zone Conference
MTC Reunion!!


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