Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sokcho Week 16

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was as enjoyable and tough as always.  Right now, I'm actually dealing with a cold that I got last night.  It definitely doesn't help with missionary work by any means, but hopefully it will go away in the next day or two.  Other than that current set back, I feel like I'm doing quite well recently.  One thing that's been helping out a lot is a commitment that we got from the Zone Leaders on Wednesday.  The Conference we had was about the Book of Mormon, why it's important and how to use it.  They committed us to read the Book of Mormon in 30 days without using our personal study time.  They basically encouraged us to find time to read in the morning, and night and during meal times.  Even though I'm a missionary, it is still tough to find the time.  Anyways, right now I'm in the middle of 2nd Nephi, and it is super good.  I've already learned so much and gotten so much more out of it.  

This week I also went on two exchanges with Elder Johnson and Elder Lanford and I really learned a lot.  Elder Johnson has been using the Book of Mormon a ton lately on the street, and he showed me how to use it more effectively.  After trying to apply the principle, we met a man who asked us two or three times if he had to give us money for it.  Just through sharing a couple of scriptures, he already could feel the importance of the book.  Since Wednesday, we've given out so many more Book of Mormons each day. 

On Tuesday, we met with a man with the English name of Dan.  Surprisingly, he speaks English pretty well. He converted to Christianity about two years ago and is super good friends with his pastor.  He was curious about how "Mormons" were different than mainstream Christianity, and we had a super good discussion.   We were able to hook him up with a Book of Mormon and just really have a good discussion.  On Thursday, we met with a man who is Buddhist and basically just thinks all religions are the same.  Let's just say that was quite a tough lesson, but a lot of fun.

For church on Sunday, Brother Jeon and I blessed the sacrament together! It went really well, and it was super cool to prepare it with him before hand.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any investigators at church this Sunday because of some unexpected events in our investigators’ lives.  As for fun activities this week, we went to a meat buffet again last P-Day.  We always end up eating so much delicious Korean meat.  Literally, Korean meat buffets are one of my favorite things in Korea.

Thanks for the continuous prayers and support!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

The Expo Tower in Sokcho

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