Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sokcho Week 17

Dear Family and Friends,
Our attendance at church just keeps going up!  I am pleased to say that we had 25 people at church last Sunday (including missionaries) for the first time in a long time.  Two of our investigators were able to come and the sisters' investigator showed up.  With all the new people and more demand for different callings, Elder Lanford has spent a lot of time trying to figure it all out.  He didn't end up leaving the church until about 8:30pm last night.  Plus, since my companion is currently the branch secretary, Elder Shin and I have been on exchanges a ton this week.  I am honestly pretty sure that I have spent more time with Elder Shin than with Elder Elwood this week.  On Thursday, Elder Lanford and Elder Elwood went into Seoul for a Leadership Training.  When they came back, they told us about how over 100 missionaries are going home between this summer and the fall.  Due to the age change, the large groups who came in are soon leaving, probably causing our mission numbers to drop a little bit.
In slightly less exciting news, the cold I've been trying to fight through has finally started to improve.  My voice has been a little hard to find at points because my throat has been so sore.  It definitely makes talking to everyone a little bit harder, especially when they can't hear you.  One thing that has helped me a lot this week, besides Ibuprofen and cough drops, has been the constant reading of the Book of Mormon.  We have to finish up to Alma 3 tonight and I'm loving every minute of it.  It's more than just a cool ancient record of the American people; its God's words.  Reading it through like this just seems to put everything into perspective.
On Saturday, we had the Relief Society Commemoration in Gangnueng. We took a bus ride out there and performed the dance that we have been working on for the past little while.  Mostly, other branches just sang songs and played instruments, so our dance was quite different.  We got a lot of compliments after and everyone told us how it made the celebration a lot more exciting.  This week we also had the priviledge of meeting with Do-Yeong, who is a freshman in high school this year, and we taught him a lot about the importance of prayer and attending church.  His parents won't let him get baptized yet, so we're just trying to keep him active and continue to meet with him until he can take that next awesome step.
As for a slightly funny story, while Elder Shin and I were talking to people on Thursday night, we ended up outside of a restaurant and met this slightly drunk man.  He insisted that we eat with him for a little, and we finally agreed.  We were actually able to talk a lot about our religion with him and his friends.  We even met a less-active member of the church who works at the restaurant! The food was really good and we got the phone number of man who wants to meet with us.

Despite the sickness, this week was still great.  Thanks for all the love and support!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Playing pool on P-day

Relief Society commemoration meeting

Singing primary songs after church

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