Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sokcho Week 13 - Our First New Member!

Dear Family and Friends,

So this Sunday, first and foremost, Brother Jeon got the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  Elder Elwood spoke while Elder Lanford, Elder Shin, Brother Jo, and I stood in the circle.  It was super cool to be able to give someone such a precious and valuable gift.  I know he will use the gift well and not take it for granted.  This week he even restarted reading the Book of Mormon because he wanted to get more out of it.  He read 18 chapters in one day.  It's been so cool to see such a miracle happen in a small city in Korea.  On the Monday after his baptism, he invited us over to his house and we ate tons over super good meat together.  Basically, in Korea it's rude to deny food, so if they offer it, you should eat it.  He made tons, and consequently, we ate tons.

Plus, even more amazing things are starting to happen.  A member family is moving to an area in our branch boundaries.  The father came to church on Sunday, and I think he really enjoyed it. He has two children and one is serving in our mission with us. The father and Brother Jeon hit it off, which is awesome, and he even gave Brother Jeon a pin of the Salt Lake City Temple that he was wearing on his suit coat.  If his family comes to our branch, they will be a huge addition.  Further, one of the member's daughter moved back to Sokcho.  In total, 19 people attended church last week.  Sokcho is the bestest!

After Church that Sunday, this guy we met on the street, called us and then quickly met us at our church.  He really wanted to take us to get something to eat, but because it was Sabbath, we turned him down.  He was okay with it though and instead we talked about the Book of Mormon, and he told us that he has read the Bible four times.  He seems pretty interested in the Book of Mormon, and we set up another appointment for later this week.  

This week was also crazy because it was the Chinese New Year.  Basically in Korea, all stores and shops close down for a week while everyone parties and hangs out with their families.  Because proselyting can be less effective during these times, the mission President assigned one day where we just cleaned our apartments for the day.  That was fun, and now our house looks a lot cleaner!  We also had a fun Branch Activity because of the New Year where we played a traditional and super competitive Korean game called (윷놀이) Yute-Norri.  For that super fun activity, 18 people showed up and we (the missionaries) made some great frosted cookies with supplies from home (thanks Mom!).

This week was again really exciting.  A lot of things happen here that don't usually happen in normal missionary work.  It makes it really tough, but also extremely rewarding.  Although I've had a lot of tough times here, I've felt that I've learned the most, grown the most, and loved missionary work the most during those times. 

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Brother Jeon and Elder Elwood at Brother Jeon's home

Brother Jeon cooking Chase's favorite Korean meat (according to Chase, it's sort of like bacon but thicker)

Elder Shin

Elder Wheeler sporting his new Superbowl T-shirt, lifting Elder Lanford

Practice for the upcoming talent show

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