Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sokcho Week 12 - Brother Jeon's Baptism!

Dear Family and Friends,

Brother Jeon's baptism was a super awesome experience this week.  I really enjoyed all of the wonderful things that happened and all the work that led up to it.  He was an absolutely amazing investigator who has already found so much peace through our wonderful message.  The baptism took place after Sacrament meeting on Sunday and it was a really cool experience.  Sister Park and Brother Jo spoke on Baptism and the Holy Ghost.  After that we sang the a song out of the children's songbook called "When I was Baptized."  All of the missionaries had the opportunity to sing it together and I felt the Spirit really strongly during it.  After that, I had the wonderful privilege to perform the baptism in the small font in Sokcho.  It was a really cool and after we got out of the font, his eyes were red with tears.  He got up and gave a super sweet testimony after the service about how he originally had doubts, but they were put at ease through meeting with us.  He has an extremely strong testimony.  He also talked about how his Mom really opposes his decision to get baptized, but he prayed about it and felt alright.  Later that day, he got a call from his mom saying that she had changed her mind and was okay with it.  Elder Elwood will give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost next week.  After the service, we had a really good meal with the branch! A less-active member even showed up and she had a really good time.  We have also been practicing a dance for the upcoming music night in Gangneung.  Each of the branches are required to do some sort of dance, and our Relief Society President roped us into a pretty embarrassing dance.
This past week we spent a lot of time just preparing for the baptismal service itself.  We had to create programs, clean the font, and we also got Brother Jeon a new set of scriptures with our testimony in them.  He really loved the scriptures that we gave him, and he went around showing them off to all of the members.  Outside of that, we did have the chance to meet a couple new people on the street.  We met with one person, a 24yr old, who is Buddhist and leaves next week to live on a boat and work for ten weeks.  Since we don't have really any time to meet with him again, we ended up just giving him a Book of Mormon for the trip.  It was definitely a good lesson; I just hope he reads!
As for Transfers, I will be staying with Elder Elwood for another 6 weeks, while Elder Kim leaves and Elder Shin Junho comes into Sokcho.  It is just such a fun place out here! I love Sokcho and this wonderful opportunity to serve.  Although things are never easy, I greatly appreciate that the Lord is always there for me.  Thanks for all your support too!
Your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Wheeler
Elder Wheeler and Brother Jeon

Elder Wheeler, Brother Jeon and Elder Elwood

Elder Wheeler and Brother Jeon

Sokcho Branch and missionaries

Chase's idea of a balanced meal!

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