Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Weeks Update

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been another fun and tiring week in Seoul!  We have done quite a bit of stuff this week.  Last Monday, I went shopping for some winter clothes, because I currently don't have any; but instead, I bought a bunch of cheap ties.  I got really distracted.  They had this whole floor filled with between $3-$10 ties. It was super awesome.

This week I have worked a lot on our mission language "Pass-Off" program.  We basically have to memorize a certain number of Korean words and teach in Korean to our leaders.  I have finished teaching lessons 1-4 to my district leader and will probably pass-off with my Zone Leaders this week.  In order to pass, you basically just have to demonstrate proficiency to teach the lessons in Korean.  Its mean't to be finished in a missionary's first 12 weeks but a lot of missionaries procrastinate. It's not that big of a deal; I should finish by the end of this transfer.  I'm not sure how clearly that was explained. Sorry in advance.

Here's quick update on our investigators: We didn't meet with any this week, and most have not responded to our texts our calls in a while, so we've had to drop about all of them.  We are still in contact with Paul and that's about it.  So it looks like we're starting over from scratch. Consequently, we contacted about 275 people on the streets this week.  And on the bright side, quite a few people agreed to meet again so we'll see what happens.

On Tuesday of this past week, we had interviews with the mission President.  It's always cool to get to hear from him and talk with him.  Although it only went about 10 minutes, it went well.  Then on Wednesday, we had our weekly district meeting.  It was super good and I learned a lot.  Our district leader encouraged us to raise the number of lessons that we teach each week, and talked about how we better reach that number.  Afterwards, I went on my second exchange with the district leader.  I continue to learn a ton from working with him.  It's interesting and cool to work with other missionaries besides your companion.

Saturday was probably the craziest day of the week.  We had our weekly missionary coordination meeting with Byeon Yeongoong.  He made us some super delicious meat again.  We had a lesson with a new guy named Muhammad later that evening.  As we were walking to a nearby bakery, we walked past about 3 concerts going on in one area.  There is always a party going on here.  Because of four big Universities that are here, it can get super loud and crazy.

Well I am continuing to have a ton of fun here.  I honestly have never talked with so many people, or for that matter seen so many people, in my life.  I have also never gotten stood up on so many hand shakes in my life haha.  Since we're foreigners, we use the phrase "악수해도되요?" a lot.  It means, "May I shake your hand?"  That's a weird question in any country, but I can get away with it since I'm white.  It gets people to stop and talk with us, sometimes. Again, thanks for all the support!

가장 좋아하는 선교사,

윌러 장로

                                      Chase got his Halloween Package with a duck dynasty "costume"!

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