Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Week in Paradise

Dear Friends and Family,

So transfers occurred this week and we added a new house member.  Elder Ashby is in his 3rd transfer, and he was with me in the MTC for about 3 weeks.  Now we have two really new Elders in the house.  This Sunday, at church, we had the epic primary program.  Instead of members giving talks like normal, kids from about 4-12 years old sing songs and give talks.  It was super awesome; Korean children are super cute.  There is also a family from America in our ward.  All of their kids speak Korean and English, so it was fun to hear them talk in Korean.  Everyone from the ward was amazed.

After church, the sister's investigator, Park Hanna, got baptized! It was really cool, and we invited one of our investigators, Paul, to attend.  He showed up late, missed the baptism, but we were able to meet with him after.  He is also trying to find if God exists.  We tried to help him recognize some of the answers that he has received, but he still isn't sure that he has received a solid answer yet.  We had a great lesson though, and he committed to read and pray every night.  It seems like we will meet with him more often now.  We weren't able to meet with any of our other investigators this week because all of the college kids have their midterms.  Every thing is super competitive here in Korea and everyone studies extremely hard.

The turn tables have turned this week! We have had very few dinner appointments while I've been here, but we had quite a few this week.  My mom's friend, Brian, invited us over for dinner this week.  I was able to have some long needed roast beef and mashed potatoes.  Plus he took us on the roof of his apartment complex for some spectacular photos while the sun was going down.  I'm not a good photographer, but if I say so myself, the photos are pretty amazing.

On the down side, only three women showed up for English class on Saturday, so we ended up passing out English flyers for a couple of hours.  Hopefully, that will boost our numbers.  We also did some fun street-boarding this week.  We go out into a busy place with all of the missionaries, a board, and some stickers.  The board has certain questions on it about what our purpose is, where we go after we die, we do we have trials, etc.  Then people put a sticker on which question they wonder about.  It gives us a super great opportunity to stop and talk to a ton of people.  It is becoming one of my favorite activities.  It works extremely well in ShinChon because of how busy it is!

So at the request of my mother, I'll give a little update on my Korean.  I am starting to feel more comfortable with it gradually.  I can sometimes understand people, and I can generally say what I need to in Korean.  Although its a super hard language and I know very little, it always seems that I have what I need.  In the house and with other foreigner missionaries we usually talk in English.  We probably should talk more with each other in Korean, but since we're all at different levels and capabilities, its generally difficult.

Lastly, I had another super cool experience talking with a man on the street as I was walking home.  He initially rejected my handshake and told me to go away, but after some loving persistence, I was able to connect with him.  I vividly remember the point when I shared my testimony with him.  I told him how much the Book of Mormon meant to me and how I didn't know where I would be without it.  I felt the Spirit super strongly and teared up a little bit with this random guy on the street (Luckily, I don't think he noticed the tears). However, I'm pretty sure he felt the Spirit because I felt it and a one point he even said, "Wow."  When I asked him if he would want to meet again, I received "No" for an answer, but that's okay.  I was just grateful for yet another witness of the Book of Mormon.

Hope everything is well back at home! Thanks for all the support and prayers, they are graciously appreciated!

The coolest missionary you know,

Elder Wheeler

Dinner with the "Tofu Travelers"

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