Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nokbeon Week 25

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was exciting and filled with lots of Zone activities.  We've been trying to get more creative as a zone this Christmas and help introduce people to Jesus Christ in a different way.  So I was thinking a couple weeks back and got some sweet inspiration to do "Pictures with Santa."  At first I was tempted to just forget about it because it seemed a little crazy, but we put it into action this week! And it went really well.  I was the cameraman and Elder Ashby was Santa and we went to 3 different areas.  People loved it and we got over 130 emails in just a couple of days.  We're planning on sending each of their pictures to them along with our website and lots of other sweet information.  Long story short, people took some pretty hilarious pictures, and I even met a guy from Phoenix who went to Moon Valley High school and knows Coach Metheny! What a small world.  The guy from Phoenix is pictured below on the left.  He was awesome!

This week we also met with Gyeong-Min and one of the youth for delivery chicken at the church. We talked about the Aaronic Priesthood with him for a bit.  Gyeong-Min is basically a member who hasn't been baptized yet.  He comes every week to church, but we're having trouble helping him to take that next step and make that super important commitment.  It's really fun having the chance to talk with and teach him the gospel.  We also met with a man for dinner this week who had met with missionaries about 8 years ago.  He went to church a ton as a middle schooler, but he never got baptized.  He was pretty cool, but he didn't seem to have much interest.

On Sunday this week we had our music night that we have been preparing for forever.  I was the lights man, and I totally nailed it! It was pretty nerve-racking and about 200 people came.  Jee-Hoon especially loved it, and I got a text from a different member later telling us how awesome our mission was!

Sometimes it's hard to remember the true meaning of Christmas in the hustle and bustle of all the activities and presents that exist during the season.  Even as a missionary, we are busy with all sorts of different things, but I've found that as I've focused on the light that Jesus Christ gives, I've received more happiness and learned more of my worth.  Missionary work is so hard, and it's so easy to just recognize all of your imperfections, but Jesus Christ is the one who makes it all okay, despite the trials.  He can comfort us when we are down and save us when we are lost. That's the beauty of the plan of happiness, and it's definitely why he was born. For you and for me.

Thanks so much for all the love and support this Christmas season!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Elder Ashby plays Santa and is very popular!

Santa and the missionaries


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