Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nokbeon Week 24

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this week was really fun and awesome.  We had an inspiring temple day on Tuesday which really helped me to feel the Lord's love for me.  After the Temple, we headed over to the war museum which is super cool.  It made me realize how heart-breaking the war must have been here in Korea.  It still continues to amaze me that a city that could be that destroyed progressed to the level it is at now in like 60 years.  After P-day, we finished shopping and went to English class.  At English class, we got to give our Christmas message and hopefully bring a little hope into someone's life.

Working with members during this Christmas has just been really fun and super inspiring.  This past Monday, we visited a family with 6 KIDS, which is considered a huge family in Korea.  Most people outside of the church have one or two kids.  Well anyways, we had a great family home evening with them and got the chance to share the Christmas message with them.  They loved the video and each one committed to bring a friend to our Music Night this upcoming Sunday.  The missionaries in our mission who are musically talented got together and prepared an amazing music program with a violin quartet, a cello duet, and a super talented choir.  I'm pumped to watch it this Sunday.  They posted a little bit about it on our mission Facebook page.

Also during this week, we got the district together and caroled out by 연신내, a populated and popular area in our boundaries.  We gave out lots of Book of Mormons that we wrapped up and spread some needed Christmas cheer.  Most people just walked by awkwardly, but it was fun getting to do missionary work in a way that we don't usually do.  After that, we went to the Stake President's house with our investigator, Gyeong-Min, who is doing really well.  Luckily, Gyeong-Min has gotten to know the members a lot better and it pretty close with the Stake President.  Gyeong-Min is also pretty friendly with another recent convert in our ward.  The recent convert took Gyeong-Min out to dinner without us which was pretty awesome.

One super cool miracle we saw this week was definitely when Brother Jeong (26yr-old recent convert) brought his friend to the church to meet with us.  We will now be teaching his friend as our new investigator, and he seemed pretty interested in the Book of Mormon!  This week was just really exciting and enjoyable.  I got to work with the Bishop on Sunday morning during PEC, and with our Elder's Quorum President who works really hard.  I love this ward, and I am super glad that I will be able to spend Christmas here.

Thanks for all of the Support and Love!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Seoul at night

Elder Wheeler, Elder Collins, Elder Apigo and Elder Jeong join
the Yoo family for Family Home Evening.

Chase got his Christmas package!

Temple Day!
December 8, 2015

Elder Yetter and Elder Wheeler at the temple

Elder Policky (from the MTC) and
Elder Wheeler at the temple

Elder Coleman, Elder Jeong, Elder Wheeler, Elder Lee,
Elder Collins, Sister Robertson, Elder Apigo and
Sister Brian at the temple

The War Museum

Elder Cable and Elder Wheeler
at the War Museum


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