Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nokbeon Week 23

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week we had some really cool and crazy experiences.  The best experience we had this week was probably taking Gyeong-Min to the temple on Friday.  I was on exchanges with Elder Apigo and we had agreed to meet with Gyeong-Min at the Temple in ShinChon, but his phone was dead, and we hadn't agreed on a time yet, so we just decided to do our back-up plan and visit some less-actives.  Anyways, he called at about 6:30 asking if we could still meet at the temple, so we went and showed him around.  Well anyways, he loved it and he totally just wanted to go inside.  When I told him that we could only go in with a temple recommend, he was pretty ready to get baptized.  Anyways, we had a really great conversation, and the Stake President, who I am pretty good friends with, came out and taught our investigator a little bit about the temple.  The Stake President works at the temple, but lives in our Nokbeon ward.  Gyeong-Min said he would definitely get baptized, even maybe in December.  It was a huge reminder to me of the power of the temple and the effect that it has.  We went home that night with joy in our hearts.

The next day, while I was still on an exchange with Elder Apigo, we were walking to an appointment, when I felt the need to talk to this guy.  He was pretty busy going to play pool and didn't have a lot of time to talk, but I was pretty persistent.  So then out of nowhere he insisted that we come up, so he could introduce us to his friends.  Luckily, pool houses in Korea are pretty clean and don't sell alcohol, so I felt like I should go up with him.  Long story short, we ended up teaching the owner and the guy a lesson and giving them both Book of Mormons.  They loved it and were super interested.  I feel like I find the coolest people in the most random places that I could have never predicted. 

Also this week, we worked in more creative ways with the members.  We actually did a role play with a family and they loved it.  It was of course a little awkward at first, but it was a great learning experience.  We got quite a few members to share the Christmas video on Facebook which also went really well.  I feel like I'm starting to have a bigger effect on missionary work as I do it more and more with the members.  Additionally, this week we had a training on how to help everyone catch this Christmas spirit.  We have to use the holidays as effectively as possible.

On Saturday, we had English class and a super fun family home evening at the church.  We played a game called Mafia, where the mafia are selected at random and they choose one person to remove from the game each "night".  The next "morning" everyone tries to figure out who the Mafia is and kick them out of the game.  Well, it is just really fun, especially because I was able to persuade lots of people.  It was also the night before transfers, so we also ordered chicken to eat.  Only Elder Jeong is getting transferred out of our district. The rest of us are staying which is pretty exciting! 

Thanks for all the wonderful wonderful support and prayers.  I can clearly see all of the miracles happening because this is truly the Lord's work!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Elder Apigo at the palace the missionaries visited
last p-day (November 30, 2015)

Elder Wheeler

Elder Collins and Elder Wheeler

Elder Wheeler practicing his door approach as
Elder Coleman looks on

Elder Collins

Elder Collins

Elder Collins, Elder Apigo, Elder Wheeler and Elder Coleman

Elder Wheeler and Elder Coleman

Elder Collins at the local "Pizza School of deliciousness"

It's snowing in Seoul

Elder Collins, from Wyoming, is surely used to living
in snow. 

Elder Wheeler, from Arizona, not so much!

The Seoul temple at night

Elder Wheeler and Gyeong-Min
at the temple

Elder Apigo and Gyeong-Min at the temple

Elder Jeong with a member at
Ward Family Home Evening

Missionaries and members at Ward Family Home Evening.


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