Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nokbeon Week 17

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was really packed with activities and meetings.  First I'll start off with an update on our investigators at the moment.  Our most progressing investigator is Gyeong-Min.  He loves clothes and shopping.  He is always showing us the clothes he is intending on buying and asking for our opinion on which one he should buy.  He came to church again this past Sunday and seemed to do okay.  I think church was a little boring for him, but then again he is only a sophomore in high school, and he's been only three times.  We also took him to the Relief Society President's house where we had an awesome dinner.  She cooks so well by the way (Rotisserie Chicken, Cheese Cake, Kimchi Stew, Salad, more meat, and HashBrowns).   After dinner we had a great conversation about baptism and what it means.  The following day when we had the baptismal service for one of the members in our ward, he came and watched.  He enjoyed the service and got to talk with lots of the members.  The best part about the day was when he told us that he prayed and got a really good feeling, so he wanted to keep doing it! Awesome!
Our other main investigator is a man by the name of Se-Yeong.  He's in his fifties, and he has a son who is a senior in high school.  Se-Yeong is divorced and doesn't have a job right now, so he's in a tougher situation.  We went over last week and this morning to help him out at his house which has a cockroach problem and lots of clothes that he doesn't throw out.  Our service went well and definitely improved his living conditions.  We're going to visit again this week with our ward mission leader and to discuss  his situation and try to help him.  He's a super nice guy, but I sense that he's had quite a few tragedies in his life to create some hopelessness.  He also came to church this past Sunday.  We have some other investigators who we are working with also.
This week, as far as the activities go, we had to pick up Elder Collins' foreigner card this past Tuesday and then we had a meeting on Thursday for all the new missionaries.  President, his wife, and the Assistants trained us about dealing with stress, setting goals, planning, and softening our hearts.  It was a super great opportunity to learn, evaluate, and improve.  Each new missionary does this 12 week training program which consists of practicing new principles and learning from "Preach My Gospel" each week.  This requires an extra hour of companionship study each day.  I've really come to love that time to teach and learn with each other.
As district leader, I went on exchanges with Elder Apigo this week.  He is also a new missionary, and it was inspiring to see how hard he is working to learn Korean and love the people here.  We talked with lots of people on the street together and made some phone calls.  Calling is probably one of the hardest things to do in Korean because you can't see them and most of the time there is some background noise.  We also had our fourth district meeting of the transfer which went well.
Life as a missionary is so cool and I'm thankful for all the wonderful blessings I've received. Thanks for all the love!
Your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Wheeler
Elder Collins, Brother Lee and Elder Wheeler

Standing:  Sister Lee, Sister Robertson, Elder Luhann, Elder Wheeler, Elder Collins and Edler Coleman
Sitting:  Elder Lee and Elder Apigo

The newest ward member with his father

Elder Collins and Elder Wheeler with a boy in the ward being
baptized by his father

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