Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nokbeon Week 15 - Festival Activities

Dear Family and Friends,

I'll start off with the highlight of this week which was definitely this huge festival thing that we have been preparing for.  It was going to go well as planned before it started to rain and rain.  That caused the whole place to be cold and windy.  So, not as many people as we had planned for came out, but we were still pretty busy the whole time.  After the rain stopped, we brought tables and chairs outside to do our activities of Face Painting, Balloon Animal Making, and Bracelet Making.  After we started doing our activities, we found out that another booth was doing the balloon making thing for money a little down the street.... We of course did everything for free, and when the people down the street found out they came over and put a stop to our operation... We were definitely amateurs at it, but all kids really want is a sword anyways, and we were able to make that happen haha.  

Face Painting on the other hand was really swell.  People were just coming over and asking for really random things.  It was a blast and people seemed to really enjoy getting their favorite things painted on them.  Among the requests were a beetle, the hulk, Stitch, emoticons, Winnie the Pooh, and Spongebob/Patrick.  A lot of young moms were really excited to have their kids get drawn on.  It was awesome.  Bracelet making was also a huge hit for the kids.  In addition to all the people that came in our church, talked with us, and used our bathroom, President Sonksen and the AP's came down.  I guess I had been talking with President so much throughout the week that he came down to make sure I was doing it right.  I talked to one guy who lives across the street who was walking around our building.  He said he had always wondered what kind of church we were.  

The other great part of this week is our awesome investigator Gyeong-Min.  He is 17 years old and attends a automobile fixing highschool.  Well we met with him twice this week and he came to conference on Sunday which was awesome.  We talked with him a lot about who God is and asked some super great questions.  He has never really had religion in his life before, so its a really fun teaching experience that I'm learning a lot from.  He said conference was boring, but he got to meet the youth and talk with the awesome Young Men's Leader in the ward.  I'm so glad he has such an open mind to all these things.  His picture is below.

Lastly, we had some really cool miracles with nature this week.  On Sunday, we got stuck under a bus stop when it started to pour rain.  We finished talking to this guy, and we tried to figure out a way to get home with out being drenched in our suits.  We said a quick prayer and miraculously the rain came to a slight sprinkle just long enough for us to sprint home for dinner.  Also, on anouther occasion, we had two minutes left to be home on time, so I started to sprint home.  There is a stoplight between our house and the church, so I glanced back and asked, "Do you have the faith for the light to change?" and right as we got to the crosswalk it changed.  I love this work!

General Conference was of course an amazing experience.  Unfortunately, we only got to see the Sunday Session this week due to the festival on Saturday.  I really enjoyed Elder Christofferson's talk on a need for a church organization and why we can't just make it on our own.  I love this thought he shared.  "One, we do not strive for conversion to the Church but to Christ and His gospel, a conversion that is facilitated by the Church. The Book of Mormon expresses it best when it says that the people 'were converted unto the Lord, and were united unto the church of Christ.'"  I've found that the church facilitates this better than anything I could possibly do on my own.

Thanks for all the wonderful Support! Happy Birthday Dad!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Zone Conference
Gyeong-Min and Elder Wheeler

Gyeong-Min and Elder Collins

Face painting practice

Festival float

Sponge Bob travels to Korea!

Elder Coleman in action

Elder Apigo flashes a peace sign

Elder Jeong and Elder Wheeler

Elder Collins, Elder Apigo, Elder Coleman, Elder Lee, Elder Jeong
and Elder Wheeler at the festival

Elder Collins

Elder Wheeler in his $50 suit!


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