Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nokbeon Week 5

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week contained quite the miracle because we picked up a new investigator, and he actually came to all three hours of church!  We even had to go on splits with the members to be with both our new investigator and Jee-Hoon.  The man we are teaching is named Brother Gwauk and he's in his 50's.  We met with him twice this past week.  He has been to a bunch of churches and seems interested in learning something new through the Book of Mormon.  Although he said church was boring, he is doing well in keeping his commitments.  Jee-Hoon is progressing well at a steady pace.  He continues to become more social and each week he seems to become a little bit more part of the ward.  We're planning on taking him to the temple this week to show him the outside and the family history center.  Our third investigator, Brother Lee, loves the Book of Mormon and thinks this is the right church, he is just insistent on reading the entire thing and comparing it with the bible before he takes any actions really. 

Other fun things that happened this week consisted of meat grilling at restaurants, a trip to Dunkin' Donuts, and our new Family Night that we started at the church.  So one of our English class members took us out to this expensive meat place on Tuesday where all of the missionaries had the chance to feast. We had English class following dinner, which went really well.  Although sometimes I get corrected on my spelling, I've actually improved a ton on my English teaching skills.  I teach the basic class every week, which is super fun.  

After English class on Saturday, we had our first Family Home Evening night at the church for those that don't have the opportunity to do it weekly.  We had about ten people come out, plus the ten missionaries that are currently serving here.  We played lots of hilarious Korean games which are similar to the games back in America, just with a Korean twist.  We also had a small meal after, but we ran out of the food pretty quickly, so one of the members insisted on buying us ramen and forcing us to eat it at the church.  Korean kindness confuses me sometimes, but I love it so much.

One of the big factors this week was the rain.  It just didn't stop coming down and was really random about how hard it would come down.  It reminded me of Arizona where the rain is like typhoon status for 30 seconds and then just disappears.... We'd have our umbrellas closed for a little bit and then have to whip them out super randomly.  One night we forgot our umbrellas and just got soaked.

Thanks for all the love and support! This upcoming weekend is already transfer calls again.  It amazes me how fast time has flown by on my mission.

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Elder Jeong, Elder Pons, Elder Song, a Korean friend, Elder Hansen, Elder Yetter
Elder Mattingly and Elder Cazier

Chase with his dream car after his mission!

Elder Song

Elder Song studying

Elder Song not studying


Elder Yetter wearing a member's glasses

Elder Wheeler wearing the same glasses

Members and missionaries at the church for Family Home Evening


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