Monday, July 20, 2015

Nokbeon Week 4

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a super great week in the mission field!  Of course, the headliner of this week was the baptism of Jee-Hoon who is just doing super well.  Elder Song met him about a week before I got here, and we have been teaching him ever since.  He has really opened up to us about the things he has gone through.  Because of his tough situation back at home, he has struggled through his life.  And although baptism is just the start, he already seems to have made a lot of progress.  The Bishop has really taken a big interest in his situation.  So through all the lessons, he decided he wanted to be baptized and the service went really well.

So on the day of the service, we forgot to remind him to bring his white shirt to wear for the service, so he ran home and back in like 15-minutes and made it right before sacrament meeting.  That was a little embarrassing on our part, not to mention that we accidentally flooded the baptismal font... I didn't realize there were TWO valves to turn off, so one of the clerks shoveled out water for a good 10 minutes, flooding the women's restroom.  However, regardless of those two disasters, it all worked out like it always does.  Our mission President came and spoke, along with the Bishop and a young single adult member.  We, as the missionaries in Noekbun, sang a hymn, along with the young single adults singing a song from the children's song book.  It was a super special and spiritual service, and my favorite part was Jee-Hoon's huge smile after he was baptized.  

This week also included a wonderful temple visit on Tuesday where we heard the final testimonies of missionaries returning home this transfer.  I really enjoyed it.  As for P-day yesterday, we spent the whole time at our ward mission leader's house trying to move an industrial sized oven into the second story of this house.  Let's just say between the angry landlord and the small balcony we had to fit the oven through, we were there forever.  It was quite the experience, especially since we forgot to bring an extra pair of clothes.  However, it all worked out and we were able to eat tons of delicious kimchi stew afterwards.  We didn't have any time to e-mail because of our late appointment.

Among other things this week, we had the opportunity to visit a family in the ward whose son leaves for the two year mandatory military service this next week.  We had some great watermelon and felt welcomed in their comfortable home.  Although I probably sweated through all my clothes this week, it was a great learning experience, especially with my wise companion Elder Song.  He relates so well with people and continues to constantly teach me.

Thanks for all the support!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Elder Yetter and Elder Wheeler at the temple on July 14, 2015

Elder Wheeler and Elder Pons

Elder Song and Elder Wheeler

Elder Landford and Elder Wheeler

Elder Lanford and Elder Wheeler
Back Row:  Elder Wheeler, Elder Yetter, Elder Pons, Elder Mattingly, Elder Hansen
Front Row:  Elder Jeong, Elder Song, and two sister missionaries at the temple

Elder Jeong, Elder Pons, Elder Mattingly and Elder Yetter

Elder Yetter slack lining

Chase slack lining while Elder Cazier watches

Chase and Elder Hansen

Elder Yetter

Chase, Elder Song and Elder Yetter
Elder Wheeler, Elder Song and Jee-Hoon at his baptism July 19, 2015

Elder Wheeler, Jee-Hoon, Elder Song, Sister Sonksen, President Sonksen and a ward member

Jee-Hoon's baptism

Elder Hansen, Elder Mattingly, Elder Yetter, Jee-Hoon, Elder Song,
Elder Pons, Elder Jeong and Elder Wheeler

Now that's a smile!

Jee-Hoon and Elder Song

Elders Cazier, Hansen, Jeong, Wheeler, Song, Pons, Mattingly and Yetter

Elders Yetter, Mattingly, Song and Pons

Elder Song

The roof

Working Hard

Elder Jeong

Elders Yetter, Song, Hansen and ?

Elder Song

A much deserved meal after a working hard

Front table:  Elder Mattingly, Elder Pons, Elder Hansen, Elder Yetter
Back table: Elder Wheeler, Elder Song, Elder Jeong, Elder Cazier

The ward mission leader?

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