Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nokbeon Week 3 - 날씨가 왜 그래요? Translation: And the weather is?

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a roller coaster of weather.  We had a super hot night on Friday and, since we don't have air conditioning, we all sweated through studies on Saturday morning.  Luckily, we each have a fan that we put to use 24/7.  Plus, it was so humid, so it was impossible to get dry after we showered.  Then the rain started to pour on Sunday, which was a much needed answer to our prayers.  It's currently raining right now and it looks like it may increase the next couple of days.

Regardless of the weather though, we had a blast running around and doing missionary work this week.  Brother Jee-Hoon is still planning to get baptized this weekend, and to make it better, the members really helped us teach the commandments to him this past week.  Our investigator had a pretty scary nightmare on Wednesday, so we met him and really helped him calm down.  He came to the church breathing heavily, with a wild look in his eyes.  I felt the guidance of the Spirit helping me to share comforting words.

Saturday was probably the craziest day of the week.  We got a call right after language study from a guy that we met the day before who asked if we had time to eat lunch! So he took us to eat pig intestine soup which was magically delicious!  He was impressed by how well I ate it.  Although he didn't seem to have a lot of interest in our message, he took a Book of Mormon and agreed to read it.  After our lunch appointment, we headed over to the church so I could plan with Elder Pons (My Zone Leader) for a presentation that the Bishop asked us to give to the youth.  We shared some pictures of our families and some interesting videos that our parents sent us.  Everyone loved the skiing video that featured Sam Hettinger on a snow board and Gray falling hard at the end.  In the end, we were able to show the youth how fun living the gospel can be.  After we played some games with them, we had a small testimony meeting and then headed to English Class.

English class went so well that one of the attendees took us to his house to have dinner with him.  We had a great discussion along with one of the other English class members who tagged along.  During our meal, we got a phone call inviting us to the funeral of a member's mom.  So we took a taxi there and had a really spiritual meeting which mainly consisted of hymns.  It still amazes me at how powerful music is.

Thanks so much for all support and love I have received.

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Here are some questions my Mom asked me and my responses:

1.  What is something difficult you are being asked to do?
One thing that has challenged us this week was a commitment from the Zone Leaders to invite one person to be baptized each day.  It's pretty difficult because it can be pretty awkward if we're not confident and especially since all of the people we invite are those who we run into on the street.

2.  What new foods have you tried recently?
Pig Intestine soup.  I also have gotten pretty good at cooking Korean food such as Kimchi stew, curry, and soybean stew.  We eat lots of rice.

3.  What's something you miss about America?
I probably miss Chipotle the most at this point, outside of my family.  I also miss the space in America.  Everything here is really cramped.  I honestly have trouble fitting into most restaurants.

4.  What do you love the most about Korea?
My favorite thing about Korea is honestly the people.  They are so loving and willing to go out of their way to help you.  I can't tell you how many times people have just bought and given me free stuff along with helping me find where I am going.  

5.  Do you feel safe where you are living and serving?
Yes, I feel very safe here in Korea.

6.  How are things with your companion and your language? 
I'm doing well with my companion.  I pretty much speak in Korean all the time now, even to Americans...
Elder Yetter wearing Brother Charles' glasses

 Elder Song, Elder Jeong, Elder Hansen, Han, Elder Yetter and Brother Charles
eating chicken and watermelon at the church before the youth meeting.

Elder Yetter, Brother Charles and Elder Pons

Sign in front of the church

Large church across the street

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