Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kimchi Fer Days

Dear Friends and Family,
I will start off this week's letter by talking about what happened today!  We did our Mission's Annual Kimchi making service project.  It was super crazy and awesome.  I really cherished the experience because it's pretty hard to find service project activities here.  Anyways, it consisted of people at each table covering piles of cabbage in this super good spicy sauce.  I was in charge of refilling tables with the sauce and kimchi and filling boxes with the kimchi.  While doing this, random Korean ladies were shoving kimchi in my mouth.  I literally ate so much kimchi; it got all over my mouth and clothes.  I am currently pretty tired because of all the running around we did.  There were also lots of Korean television stations there filming, so who knows, maybe I'll become famous in Korea.  That's a good start right?
In other news, we have picked up this awesome investigator named Jack or his Korean name is 김재미.  He spent a while in Hawaii so he speaks English really well.  He has tons of questions about our church, and he really wants to keep meeting with us.  He came to all three hours of church on Sunday and really connected with a lot of the members there.  I really enjoy meeting with him and just talking with him about all the wonderful things about our church.  We also met with a man named Tolli.  He is Chinese and is super interested in the Book of Mormon.  He was like, "God gave us another book? Can I read it?" We had a great lesson, but we found out that he lives in a different area.  Pretty disappointing, but he was excited to keep meeting with the missionaries in his area.
I might as well also talk about the Bath Houses here in Korea.  They seem to be everywhere.  It is basically a giant sauna with different temperature pools, steam rooms, and showers. I went to one for the first time last Monday, and it was super relaxing.  They cost 6 dollars and you can stay for as long as you want.  I spent a while trying to release all the stress of missionary work.  The Bath Houses here are probably one of my favorite things about Korea.
Lastly, English Class continues to go well.  We have added a lot of new members recently who are fun to talk with.  Although one member did call me ugly at one point. I was slightly offended.  We were making "even though" sentences and he said, "Even though Mr. Wheeler is not handsome, I still like him" (in a Korean accent).  Everyone just burst out laughing.  Missionary work is definitely full of surprises.
Thanks for the continued support and prayers.  I definitely need it!
Your favorite missionary,
Elder Wheeler

1st was a big picture of the kimchi making service project before it began.
2nd Is elder Manwaring on the right from the MTC and Elder Choi on the left from another zone

Elder Choi, Elder Wheeler, Elder Manwaring

Pictured Left to Right:  Elder Renfroe (ZL), Elder Julseth, Elder Day, Elder Bishop, Elder Wheeler, Elder Thompson (ZL), Elder Ashby, and Elder Christensen (DL).

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