Sunday, November 30, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,
So, before I left for Sokcho, we had our last lesson with Jack.  He bought me a picture frame, and it was amazing to get to teach him for the last time.  Seriously, I love to talk with him about the Gospel.  Secondly, 안경찬 took us out for dinner and ice cream.  He also bought me a scarf!  He is one of the sweetest people I have met.  Then transfers happened!
Wow so what a crazy first week in Sokcho.  Elder Elwood is my companion, and he is from Provo.  He is 20 and went to college for a year in Prescott (Embry Riddle).  He's really smart and studied physics there.  The other Elders in our house are Elder Lanford and Elder Herron, and we're all getting along well.  All of them have been out for over a year.  Elder Lanford recently got called as the new Branch President so he's still figuring things out.  Sokcho is seriously different than Seoul.  There are a lot less people and not much public transportation.  However, its actually about the same temperature, but it started to snow today. 
Since there is not much member leadership, we are really involved with the ward.  This past week, we held a youth night and a super fun game night.  We played "Sorry!" and a Korean Game called 윷노리(Yut).  Everyone really enjoyed it.  Even the Less- Active Member that we are working with came.  His name in 이효재(Lee Hyojae), he's my same age, and has recently started to come back to church!  There are actually 8 active members in our ward that are all really solid.  This past Sunday I spoke in church again, which didn't go super well, but a lot of people were surprised that I had only been in Korea for 3 months.  After church every Sunday, we have an awesome meal with all the members.  Because it's hard for them to feed us all individually, we just do one meal together each week.  It was really good.
This week we also met with a family we are teaching.  We teach their son English for 30 min and then we teach the rest of the family the gospel for the last 30 min.  It was good to meet them and I look forward to teaching them in the future.  Oh, and then on Thursday of every week, we have this awesome service project.  We travel down to a Catholic Care Center, talk to the residents there, and sing songs for them.  It really is so much fun.  The hard part is understanding their Korean. Practically Impossible. 
Anyways, the area surrounding is really beautiful and I have really enjoyed talking to the people here.  They are just really nice.  I'm really excited to get some work done here.
Thanks for all the love and support!
Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Beach in Sokcho

Sokcho Harbor

Elder Elwood and Elder Wheeler
Elder Lanford, Elder Wheeler and Elder Herron
Thanksgiving with the missionaries in the Sokcho Branch

Playing 윷노리 (Yut)

Service at the Care Center in Sokcho


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