Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Crazy Experience

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was pretty exciting because firstly we were able to meet with a lot of awesome people, but I will get to that later.  On P-day, we went to an all-you-can-eat meat buffet.  It was pretty good, except for the part that I ate intestines.  I wasn't sure what I grabbed until we started to cook it.  It tasted pretty nasty.
We met some amazing guys on the street.  We had just finished talking with a man on the street when another man came up and asked for a name card becuase he was interested in our message. That has never happened so far, definitely quite the miracle. After that,  we met a figure skater named Thomas who lived in California for 5 years.  He said he would read the Book of Mormon as soon as he left.  Things seem to be turning around and we're picking up more investigators bit by bit. 
The language continues to come slowly but surely.  I'm starting to feel more and more that I can actually do missionary work.  For the first few weeks, I just felt like I was dragging my companion down, but as I get more comfortable, the more progress we are able to make.  I am scheduled to finish the Pass-off program with the AP's (Assistants to the Mission President) tomorrow and then training is almost over.  It's crazy to think that I am almost finished with my first two transfers!
Two especially crazy things occured yesterday.  First, on Sunday after church, the zone leaders asked us to visit this super old guy that they met on the street.  He had written his address and drawn a map on a small piece of paper and had given it to the zone leaders.  His handwriting was illegible, so we were left wandering around.  After a little searching, I decided that this building looked good, so we headed into it.  Elder Julseth thought it was farther up the road, but for some reason I just really wanted to try this building.  We headed to the second floor, and it didn't look right, but I decided to give it a shot and the guy we were looking for opened his door and let us in!  It was a really crazy experience that I am sure the Spirit was involved in.  I didn't really recognize it at the time; I just thought I was following my gut.  The lesson didn't turn out well because we couldn't get a word in.  He told us for about 25min about Confucianism. However, it was a cool experience either way.
Then 15 min later, we met with a guy  that we had set up an appointment with.  I had met him on the street, and it didn't seem like he had much interest in what we were doing.  However, I ended up getting his number in hopes of future possibilities.  Turns out he had a ton of interest!  He has never prayed before, so he really wanted to learn.  After I said the opening prayer, he said, "I felt really peaceful."   We also taught him with an awesome returned missionary member, so that we could understand all of his concerns.  The lesson went super well and the Spirit was definitely there.  It was quite the privilege to be a part of it.  Elder Julseth mentioned afterwards that he is the most prepared person he has ever met.  We also found out he lives in the Seoul South mission!  It is so sad!  So we are referring him over there.  Although I would really love to keep teaching him, I know God has it all figured out.  There is definitely a good reason why he lives in Seoul South.  Overall, one of the most up and down days of my mission.
I have definitely learned a lot about God and His will.  Often times, I'd rather do it my way, but it never goes as well when I try that.  God is so willing to guide us; He just wants us to reach out and listen to him.  Its as simple as that! Thanks for all the prayers and support!
Your favorite missionary,
Elder Wheeler

Chase with Elder Ashby

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