Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dongdaemun Week 10

Dear Family and Friends,
So it looks like the little bit of Chinese that I learned paid off this week! We are now teaching two new Chinese investigators who are really awesome.  The first one is a woman named Constance who has two daughters.  She speaks English pretty well and she just started to learn Korean.  Her husband is Korean and they communicate in English.  We met her on the street while English flyering, and she wanted to come learn English with us, so we met her at the church with one of our members.  She said that she is usually quite uneasy inside church buildings, but she immediately stated that our building felt really comfortable.  It looks like shes going to come with her daughter to church this Sunday which should be awesome!  The second Chinese investigator's name is Jack and he is a student at Korea University.  English and Korean are both a little rough, so teaching him is interesting, but hopefully we'll be able to get a person who speaks Chinese in for our next lesson.  

This week we also planned and executed a big Zone activity out in the Hwayang missionaries' area.  We decided to do cookie frosting on the street with people for Easter and it went super well.  People loved coming up and making cookies, but it did take quite a while to pump out 200 sugar cookies at the house.  Thankfully, my Christmas cookie making experience came in handy.  We got lots of people to refer over to the Hwayang Elders, so that was good.  We had so many cookies left over that we moved areas and did the activity in Imun.  Over there, we also had a ton of success and one of the college students we met went to church the next Sunday in that area.  To end the Easter holiday on Sunday, we had a big music night put on by our mission which went super well.  I was the mic guy for all the singers and violin players.  It was super nerve racking in front of 200+ people, especially because everyone hates the kid who messes up.  Well lucky for me, it went flawlessly.  The music of Jesus Christ's resurrection definitely was very powerful and left lots of people in tears.  

This week Elder Ashby and I went on exchanges in Imun area, and I had the privilege to go with Elder Judd.  He is a solid young missionary.  While on exchanges we taught a great English Bible class to two newcomers who were both foreigners (Mongolian, Vietnamese).  It continues to amaze me how many foreigners are living in our area.  Plus, I successfully learned how to tell people we are missionaries in Mongolian this week!
As for last P-day, we went up to Korean University and balled with a bunch of ginormous Chinese people.  Luckily, we had Elder Green on our team, who can dunk.  We ended up winning in the end, and it was just super fun.  Plus, we got one kid to commit to come to church this upcoming Sunday.  
Thanks for all the love and support!
Your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Wheeler
Easter cookie activity

Elder Wheeler, Constance, Elder Ashby

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