Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dongdaemun Week 9

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was really exciting and enjoyable.  For last week's P-Day, we started off with a big basketball game with a bunch of Elders from various Zones. It was pretty enjoyable meeting at the biggest church building in our mission and playing B-ball together.  We also spent quite a bit of time this week proselyting in another area in our Zone, trying to help them jump-start their area.  We  street boarded there on Tuesday and spent some time on Saturday teaching their English class with them.  

This Sunday we had a pretty cool miracle at church.  So believe it or not, there are quite a few Mongolian members at our church and at one point the missionaries were baptizing so many Mongolians, they had plans to open up a Mongolian branch, but it never got that far.  The missionaries haven't had Mongolian investigators for quite awhile, until one of the Mongolian sisters, attending college here, brought her boyfriend to church yesterday.  We actually had a lesson with him and he committed to come to church next week and take the next lesson.  It was a really cool miracle.  Along with that, Brother Khosobayer (another Mongolian member) was called as our new ward mission leader.  Luckily, he's really good at Korean so it's easy to communicate.  Unfortunately, I don't speak enough Mongolian to communicate fully with our investigator though.  Along with Mongolians, there are also lots of Chinese people in our area.  Elder Ashby and I are starting to study Chinese during our lunch times and we've actually started to get pretty good.  Since we meet so many Chinese people on the street, we've got down phrases to use such as "hello, I'm an American, We are missionaries, Are you a Chinese person?, Do you believe in the existence of God?, nice to meet you, I like church and Jesus Christ." Not bad for a week, but my pronunciation is terrible to say the least.  

This week we also met with one of our super awesome investigators, Dongwon.  He is the 31yr-old cryptography major college student I talked about.  Anyways, we're teaching English along with the gospel as part of the English Program that we offer to people on the street.  He is pretty good at English and is accepting the gospel part really well.  The only problem he has is waking up for church.  After our lesson with him on Saturday, we ate with the stake as part of the night held for the anniversary of the Relief Society, which was conducted at our building.  He definitely enjoyed the food and the atmosphere.

As for another sweet miracle, I went on exchanges with Elder Green, a missionary from Mesa and a district leader in our Zone.  Well, during our exchange, we met this 75yr-old guy who committed to come to church.  Well (here's the miracle part), he actually showed up to church and when the other Elders, along with the gospel principles teacher, told him about prophets, he exclaimed that "this has to be the true church because it has prophets!" He also committed to a baptismal date for next month.  Basically lots of unexpected things happened this week that were totally awesome.

Thanks for all the love and support.

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Eddy with Elder Ashby and Elder Wheeler

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