Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nokbeon Week 28

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was quite crazy, disappointing and weird.  I'll start off with the disappointing news.  So, we met with our investigator Gyeong-Min twice this week but then, randomly, he texts us around 8:30 insulting the church and telling us how we are a cult.  I was really confused and ever since that he's been acting really weird, sending us political propaganda and stuff.  I'm not sure really what changed, but we're just trying to be nice to him and give him some space.  Hopefully, he comes around.  For some reason, there just seems to be a lot of very interesting people in this area, and they all find the missionaries...

On the bright-side, we found a sweet new 25 year-old investigator on the street, and he came to church!  In our first lesson, I invited him to be baptized, and he responded with, "Tomorrow?" He was actually fine with getting baptized the next day, but I explained the process and we agreed on a date in February.  He came for two hours at church and seemed to enjoy it.  He's been to tons of different churches, so he seems to have little fear of trying and experiencing new things.  Another one of our new investigators is a 70 year-old violin maker who lives alone.  He used to be a pastor, but now he works as the conductor at his church.  He's pretty darn musically talented, and his violins are super sweet.  He also offered to teach us how to make violins and went on to insist that this was one of the only places where I could learn this fine art.  I was tempted, but we don't have enough time.  Plus, he loved the Book of Mormon and he was excited to read it.  We'll see what happens!

We also had Zone Training this week which consisted of lots of different subjects, mainly focused around our purpose as missionaries to invite others to live His gospel.  I've come to realize more and more how we are to invite others to really just change their lives through Christ.  The gospel isn't just a one time experience, but a process that when done over time really causes growth and happiness.   I've seen that especially with Jee-Hoon, who has come so far.  He accepted a calling at church this week as a church building supervisor.  He just seems brighter and more of motivation has formed in his life.  This work is just the best!  Along with Jee-Hoon as our recent convert, we have also been working with quite a few less-active members.  One Less-Active's name is Eric.  He was born in California and actually went to BYU, but ended up dropping out.  He left because he got offended.  Well, he's just trying to feel God's love, but he seems pretty skeptical of it.  We gave him a reading assignment and hope he feels the spirit.  He seems pretty committed to give our church a shot again.  

Well as you can see, there is never a dull moment. Missionary work is the best.  Thanks for all the love and support!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
What's left over when missionaries eat at a Korean restaurant

Elder Wheeler with the violin maker

Elder Collins with the violin maker

Elder Apigo enjoying some Krispy Kreme

Elder Apigo and Elder Wheeler

The car chase would like to dive after his mission

Elder Coleman with Chase's Ferrari!

A cute little Korean girl


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