Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dongdaemun Week 1

Dear Family and Friends,

What a wonderful and very interesting week.  After being in one area for such a long time, you could say it was hard to move, but change and new experiences are always worth it.  Basically, I moved into a missionary house that has been there for over 50 years.  It was built on the same lot as the church building, which was the first church building in Korea (i.e. lots of history)  The house is pretty big and meant for about 6 Elders, but it's just the four of us.  I'm serving with a Korean named Elder Kang who is awesome.  He is a convert and has a sweet testimony, plus he's fluent in Korean.  I'll definitely be speaking quite a bit of Korean for the next 6 weeks, although he is also fluent at English.  The building is the stake center and the number of people in the ward used to be quite a few, but now we're down to about 40 or 50 members who come out weekly.  They're all pretty sweet.  Plus, the bishopric is a bunch of newly-called 30year-olds who are absolute rockstars.  We don't have a lot going on in our area right now, but we have big plans to change that.

The investigator that we are working with right now is 33 years old and is named Brother Byeon.  He comes to all three hours of church and seems to actually enjoy it!  I taught my first lesson with him this past Sunday, and he wants to get baptized and follow Christ.  He just is struggling to give up drinking beer.  We have a baptismal date scheduled with him for the 21st of February.  Right now, we are also planning on focusing on the young men's group.  Right now we have two young men and they both graduate this year.  Once they graduate, we will have no young men's group for about 6 years.  Most of our goals focus around helping this ward survive and have a future.  We actually visited one of the young men this week because he didn't end up coming to church, and we had a sweet lesson with the whole non-member family.  Even a friend was there who asked to be referred to the sisters in the area where she lives!

Transfers this week also worked a different way.  Usually we have a big meeting where we meet our new companion and stuff, but this time, we just took a taxi right to our new area.  Sort of weird, but I spent the taxi ride well by teaching the driver the entire first lesson!  We also watched the world-wide missionary broadcast which was like the greatest thing ever.  It was so awesome to hear from the apostles as they gave such great advice on how to "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts."  I'm so excited to be a more effective servant.  In other news, the weather here is absolutely killer cold.  I'm still not sure how I am surviving on these streets.  Apparently its like the coldest its been in about 15years....The wind is the worst part of it.  

Other than that, Korea is the best and super fun.  It still amazes me how there are lots of people still out on the street, but nothing opposes us sharing the gospel like cold, icy weather.  I feel like people have a really good reason to run away from us now hahaha.

Thanks for all the love and support!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Elder Kang and Elder Wheeler

Bundled up for P-day

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