Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nokbeon Week 20

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was super fun and full of member visits.  We also picked up a sweet new investigator!  So, to start off, for P-day this week we went to a super cheap market down in a place called Namdaemoon and bought quite a bit of cool cheap stuff.  I was able to pick up a 4-dollar watch that actually looks pretty nice.  I sent a picture below.  We also hit up the delicious falafel stand there run by this Arabian guy who speaks Korean, Arabic, English and some other language.  People are just astounding sometimes.  Then, that night, I went to finish my file on the computor that I have been making to help with member missionary work, only to find that the computer was gone.  After calling around, I found out that the stake clerk took it home to fix it and wiped all the files... That was a little frustrating, but luckily I had some saved on a flash drive and the stake clerk came and helped me get a lot of work done on it this past Sunday.

Tuesday was super fun between our member visit to the first councilor's house and English flyering right outside of a big high school in our area.  When we visited the member we were intending on showing the restoration video, but we were disappointed too find that it only played in Japanese... worked fine at the church though!  But overall, it was a good spiritual visit.  Although my companion hasn't been here that long, he is doing great at Korean and bore a great testimony.  Then on Wednesday after district meeting, we did Hot Chocolate Proselyting.  We asked a member if we good borrow his car, and he drove us, our hot chocolate, and a couple of tables to a busy subway station a little far away from the church.  People loved the hot chocolate and that's where we found our new 18 year-old investigator.  We actually met him that next day again with a member and discussed the Plan of Salvation.  He is doing well.

With this focus on member missionary work throughout the mission, I feel like we are becoming more focused on how we can help the ward.  It's definitely starting to become more of a team effort.  This Sunday after church, we got a ride from the ward clerk out to a nicer part of town away from our house and spent time with a couple of member families out there.  We were just planning on quickly saying "hi" and giving them some letters we wrote, but Koreans always absolutely insist that you come in, and they just start giving you stuff.  I love this loving culture so much.  The first man we visited works at the temple and his wife works constantly at a restaurant, so she doesn't have time to come to church.  They both work so hard to put their son in school in America and give their kids the best opportunity for success.  When we went to our Elder's Quorum President's house to thank him, they were having two other member couples over for dinner.  However, he also relentlessly insisted that we come in.  I was so grateful for the members and my companion too who really just adds lots of excitement to this work. 

The members have in turn also helped us with lessons and continually volunteered their help as we have reached out to them.  Missionary work is so fun, especially when you see the difference that it makes in other people's lives.  Thank you so much for the support and all that you do!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

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