Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nokbeon Week 19

Dear Family and Friends,

Another wonderful week has passed by here in Nokbeon, Korea.  This week was filled with appointments and assignments.  One of the bigger things that happened this week was our Zone Training, in which we got quite a few commitments to work with the members better in our ward. The number of received referrals from members has decreased, so we as a zone talked about how we could increase unity and effectiveness within each of our wards and do a better job as missionaries. The dynamics here are a little difficult because there are about 8 missionaries assigned to one ward, so we have to coordinate our efforts with one another while coordinating with the ward.  I've started to realize the importance of all the meetings and councils we have in order to effectively accomplish our purpose. So basically, I have started to create a list to divide the members up between the missionaries to make sure no member in forgotten about or left behind.

This week I also spent a lot of time with our ward mission leader who is continually an inspiration to me.  He works so hard, and this gospel is just like a burning fire in his chest.  We went to visit one of our investigators this week, but he wasn't home at the moment, so we took the time to visit a less-active member who is doing well.  Although he works on Sunday to support his family, he is really persistent with missionary work, and his mom got baptized about a month ago.  After the visit we had a good MCM with him and the other missionaries.  

We met with Gyeong-Min twice this week again, and he is accepting everything really well.  We taught him about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and he was all over it.  He strongly stated back to me that it is important to keep God as the first priority in your life.  We also went with him to a five dollar Korean buffet which was pretty good.  He is a little shy at first, but he has a pretty loud personality.  When we went to the buffet, he convinced my companion to eat a pepper which almost made him cry. It was super funny.

To end the week, we went to a funeral service on Saturday night for one of the members whose Mom passed away.  I was reminded of the beautiful Korean culture and how different it is from the American style funeral.  Although it was a solemn occasion, it was great to see lots of the members and spend time talking with each one of them.  On Sunday after church, we spent some time visiting two member families and delivering cookies that we had made.  Unfortunately, both times the parents weren't available, but we were able to converse with the kids for a second.  One of the families that we visited is just so awesome and basically gets everything done.  I was glad to put those Thank-You cards to use that you sent me Mom! Thanks!

The food is great and it has been raining a lot here lately.  Not much else to report.  Thanks for all the love and prayers! 

Your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Wheeler

Elder Collins

Elder Wheeler

Elder Wheeler

Elder Apigo

Elder Jeong

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