Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nokbeon Week 21

Hey wonderful friends and family,

This week was interesting in a nutshell.  We played soccer for P-day as a zone at our church building last P-day which was a lot of fun.  The Assistants to the mission presidents came down since they're part of our zone.  The stake president built two metal goals that we set up and use in the gym.  That Monday night, we went to visit a member, only to find out too late that they had actually moved.  One of the highlights of the week was definitely having the chance to make kimchi again at a service center.  I never knew I could love making kimchi this much.  The older ladies just kept feeding me and I threw down bags of Korean cabbage and sauce.  I think we might have to start a family tradition of making kimchi every year in the Wheeler home and maybe buy a separate fridge for kimchi, just depending if it catches on or not.

After we came back from the service project, we headed right over to a high school and started handing out English flyers.  It was a great time and we met a kid who is friends with one of the members.  He said he would come to church if he had time this Sunday.  Overall, working with kids and talking with young adults is the best and most effective.  This week we also met with Gyeong-Min twice.  He is doing well, but still has some fears about baptism.  He has committed to all the commandments and reads/prays daily, but because baptism is something new to him, he is hesitant to make the commitment.  Gyeong-Min is starting to like church a little bit more, but still doesn't really have any friends among the youth.  Since he's a shy kid, its going to be hard to get him to feel welcome among the youth.  Luckily, a lot of the adult members are helping out super well.  Last week we taught a lesson and it was hard to get a word in because he got along so well with a 26year-old recent convert.

This week we also had the privilege to continue to build our bond with the members.  One of the members called asking us to brush up all of the fallen leaves in the church parking lot, so we spent some time at the church cleaning out grates and bagging up leaves.  As a result, we got the member to join us in a member present lesson to Gyeong-Min.  Since the challenge was issued to have a member present at every lesson, we have yet to miss one.  It's been amazing to see how the Lord provides a way for his work to be done.  These members are busy and we may call a lot, but the Lord always seems to make a miracle happen for us to reach our goal.  During PEC meeting before church on Sunday, the bishop made a comment about how hard the missionaries are working which really shows how much more trust we are gaining.  Jee-Hoon is doing alright.  He always seems to be sick on Sunday and his health is not very good, but he is trying.  He is continuing to read the book of Mormon and we are working with the Bishop to improve his living state.  We also got a less active church member to come to church this week!

Thanks for all the love and support that keeps me going to do this wonderful work.  I feel like I see the Lord's hand more and more in all that happens around me.  Thanks a ton!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Elders in the cultural hall

Elder Collins, Elder Coleman, Elder Wheeler, Elder Apigo
and Elder Jeong

Elder Wheeler and Elder Ashby recreating
last year's pose!

Elders Coleman, Lee, Wheeler, Jeong, Collins, Apigo

Elders Coleman, Lee, Wheeler, Jeong, Collins, Apigo

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