Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nokbeon Week 13 - 추석. 재미있다.

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was absolutely spectacular and fun.  This weekend is part of the Korean Thanksgiving which is called 추석(Choo-seok).  So basically for this weekend, since missionary work was going to be less than effective, we had a conference and a cleaning day.  For the conference on Friday, our mission President rented out an entire bowling alley and we all bowled together.  It was super fun and afterwards we had a conference on Korea and mission work here.  I was reminded of how much I have come to love these awesome people.  During regular missionary work, it's easy to get caught up with how frustrating people can be sometimes, but the conference really helped me to realize how much Koreans and their country have come to mean to me.

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to clean our house.  We usually have big cleaning days twice a year to make sure that our houses are a place where the spirit can reside.  Well, the four of us went all out on our house and it looked so good afterwards.  We cleaned from 11am to 9pm with like a 20 minute lunch break because there was just so much to do.  There is a picture of me below lying on the floor relishing in the cleanliness.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any time to do missionary work, but Sunday went super well.  

Because of the holiday, we had maybe about 50 people at church on Sunday, opposed to the 160 people we usually have and most of them just showed up for the last hour of church.  It was pretty surprising, so the Bishop just had us all meet together for the three hours.  Well, during the last hour, sacrament meeting, our investigator who doesn't have a phone just randomly decides to show up.  It was so shocking to see him there.  We also met with him after and he asked the one question that every missionary wants to be asked.  "How can I know if these things are true or not?"  I just got the biggest smile on my face during the lesson and proceeded to answer the question I have been waiting for.  He also committed to a baptismal date on the 25th of October.  His name is Se-Young.  It was truly quite the 추석 miracle.

Other than the Holiday this weekend, we spent more time visiting members this week and trying to help them do missionary work.  We had family home evening with a family of 8 at their house and brought Jee-Hoon along.  It was super fun and our message of following the spirit's promptings and tuning others' voices turned into a wrestling match...luckily it wasn't serious.  It amazes me how the parents in that family do it.  We also visited a couple other members who just shared really amazing conversion stories.  The parents of the six children actually have a crazy story.  The wife got baptized in her youth and her future husband was a 17 year-old priest at the time and baptized her.  They ended up getting married after he served a mission.  The members here are so amazing.

This week was really awesome and just helped me see the Lord's hand in all things.  Thanks for all the love and support!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Wrestling at Family Home Evening - looks familiar!

Ward member, Chase, Jee-Hoon

Chase with the ward mission leader

Elder Collins, Elder Lee and Elder Lee
at the mult-zone bowling activity

Elder Coleman (Elder Lee's companion who both
live in the same apartment with Chase and
Elder Collins).

This is what a clean missionary apartment looks like!

Chase has a new found appreciation for cleanliness!

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