Monday, September 7, 2015

Nokbeon Week 11

Dear wonderful Family and Friends,

This week was wonderful and definitely finished off with an amazing fast Sunday.  On Thursday, we had a conference with Elder Whiting from the 70, along with our mission president and his wife.  The conference basically went from 9am to 3pm with a lunch break in-between.  Frankly, it seems pretty long, but the Question & Answer session along with the training was super helpful.  Our leaders again pushed the fact that the church can experience more success in Asia. The quorum of the 12 apostles has stated that, and our mission President has continued to train on "The Faith to Baptize."  Basically, during the conference, I was able to hear a lot of the things that I needed and get some more ideas for how I can boost my faith.  One thing that I have started to do is basically pick faith promoting scriptures during personal study and then read them throughout the day to pump myself up.  It's working pretty well.  Although it may not be the best method, I have received lots of blessings for trying.  There was one point this week while I was talking to a lady on the street, that the scripture preparation seemed to help.  She was talking without stopping or really letting us share our message.  Usually, in that situation I would at least feel a little frustrated, but the opposite was true.  I was super surprised to feel no frustration at this older lady, instead just complete peace.  It was cool to recognize the blessing of patience directly from a loving Heavenly Father.

On fast Sunday, we enjoyed a day filled with miracles.  First off, Brother Jee-Hoon came to church in a white shirt and tie on Sunday.  We have been preparing this outfit for him and he looked so good.  All the members gave him some sweet compliments.  One even asked if he was a new investigator....  We also headed out and did street boarding again on Sunday.  Randomly, while we were standing outside of one of the subway stations, I saw one of our investigators and two or three potentials.  Then we randomly ran into a guy that previously came into the church one early morning while we were exercising.  We met him later that night for dinner to break our fast, but apparently his house was a mess, so we ended up just cooking Ramen at the church.  The lesson lasted for a pretty long time because he just kept asking so many different questions.   Anyways, he seemed super prepared and it looks like he is going to come to church on Sunday.  The whole experience to me was just a testament of the power of fasting and prayer.

As for other fun things we did this week, we biked to the Han river and back! I'm getting better at this whole slack-lining thing that is actually surprisingly fun.  We also spent some time knocking on doors as a district and handing out lemonade to get people's attention.  I think we are going to try and start up a basketball class this upcoming week.  Mixing up our schedule makes missionary work so much more fun.  

Thanks for all the support!

Your favorite missionary,

Elder Wheeler

The Han River

Elder Yetter and Elder Song

Someone has mad photo skills!

Elder Cazier, Elder Song, Elder Yetter, Elder Wheeler,
Elder Lee and Elder Jeong 

Elder Yetter, Elder Song and Elder Wheeler

Elder Wheeler and Elder Lee

View of Nokbun area

Chase with the city in the background

Chase and the ubiquitous peace sign

"The biggest dog Chase has seen in Korea"
with its owner

Elder Song and the "big dog"

A ward member, Jay-Hoon, and Elder Wheeler

Elder Lee and Elder Yetter

Pig Legs given to Elder Yetter and Elder Lee by an
investigator which are, apparently, an expensive delicacy. 

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