Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nokbeon Week 10

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow so first things first this week, the sister missionaries had a baptism planned for Sunday.  It was a pretty crazy story because the woman was scheduled to get baptized right after church, but she didn't pick up her phone for the first two hours of church.  The sisters had no idea what was going on, so the left right after the sacrament and headed to her house.  Turns out, she had worked late the night before and was sleeping.  The sisters woke her up and brought her just in time for the baptism.  Although there we quite a few difficulties... everything turned out alright. Satan is hard at work, but the sister missionaries work harder! haha

This week we put some of our new finding ideas to work.  On Monday, we all headed out to an apartment complex in our area, and each companionship took one building and went top to bottom.  It was looking a little depressing until Elder Song and Elder Yetter (on splits) got let in by an 18 year-old kid and talked for a good 20 minutes.  They felt like it was time to leave and as soon as they said good-bye and walked down one flight of stairs, the parents got out of the elevator.  It was quite the miracle considering the fact that the parents definitely wouldn't have given them the chance to share this wonderful message.

One of the best parts this week was the chance to go to the Seoul temple! We went on Tuesday morning and I was again reminded of the wonderful privilege of the time we have to just sit in the Lord's house, think about things, and feel peace.  It was shortly followed by a trip to one of my favorite places in Seoul, the three dollar tie market! I wouldn't say the ties are the best quality, but I picked up a cheetah print tie for when I get home and a silver leather tie. 

Unfortunately, this week our investigators did not show up to our appointments, so we left to teach on the street. The biggest disappointment though was the three investigators we invited not showing up to watch "Meet the Mormons" on Saturday.  We called all of them a day before and confirmed, but then randomly, they all were super busy when I called them 30 minutes before we were showing the movie.  On the other hand, it was an amazing movie. The one person who didn't stand us up this week was our beloved recent convert.  He is doing really well.  The bishop bought him some good dress pants, so he should be looking fresh this upcoming Sunday.  Plus, the bishopric has been working hard to find him a job and it looks like he'll start working in October.  It still amazes me how these small steps that the gospel teaches makes such big differences in people's lives.  Countless times on my mission, people's thoughts and desires have changed through prayers and reading the scriptures.  Really cool.

Thanks for all the wonderful support that I have received this week!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Elder Song and Elder Wheeler in their apartment

Elder Song

Elder Wheeler and Sister Gu

 A young woman, Sister Lee, Sister Gu, a new convert and Elder Yetter

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