Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nokbeon Week 7

Dear Family and Friends,

So first I will start off with an update of what happened this week for Transfers.  One area in our district closed, so now we're down to 6 Elders and 2 Sisters.  Elder Yetter is the district leader and Elder Jeong is one of our Zone Leaders.  We also had the surprise of a Korean missionary moving in to be Elder Yetter's companion, so now we are split 50/50 Koreans and Americans in our apartment.  Oh and Sister Lee's new companion is a new missionary, which brings back tons of memories of when I first came to Korea.  I was so scared, especially since I couldn't understand anything.

I just want to start off by saying that we ate really well this week.  One member family had us over for dinner this week and we got to go to the High Priest's grill party with our investigator.  They were planning on having lots more people come, so we were just left to eat lots of meat.   Well, besides eating a lot, we also talked to tons of people this week.  I'll share just one short experience.  

On Thursday, before MCM (Missionary Correlation Meeting), we were walking by a nearby station when we approached this guy who was smoking a cigarette and didn't seem to want to talk at first, We tried to keep the conversation going and he ended up having some amazing questions.  We talked about repentance, and explained basically the whole restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to him right there on the street.  He was super excited to hear and he kept mentioning how he felt in his heart.  He said that he hadn't heard one wrong thing come out of our mouths from the time we started talking to him.  It's so amazing to have that connection with an investigator.  As it says in D&C, "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together."

Jee-hoon is progressing well, although he didn't come to church this week, because he wasn't feeling well.  The members have given him shirts and are planning on giving him pants to wear.  Jang-Hyeon, the guy who randomly showed up this past week to church, is doing well.  We met him this morning and we set a baptismal date.  He said he wants to meet so he can go to Heaven! Really nice guy!

I continue to find so much joy in this wonderful gospel.  I honestly have come to love studying the scriptures and recently the Old Testament.  I never thought I would find myself loving the stories of Moses and Joseph.  I have come to learn so much about God's love for us as I feel it so strongly when I read.  I have also realized how many blessings the Lord truly has in store for those who are faithful.  All the Lord requires is a willing heart and he can make us each great.  I love the story of Joseph, who continually turns his terrible situations into learning experiences and never once blames God.  How easy would it of been to be angry about being thrown in prison for keeping the Lord's commandments?  He just set an amazing example.

Thanks for all the wonderful support!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Meat Buffet!  Elder Song and Elder Hansen with a Korean friend

View from a building Elder Wheeler and Elder Song tracted

Elder Song

Back row:  Elder Hansen and Elder Song
Middle Row:  Elder Wheeler, Elder Mattingly, Elder Pons, Elder Yetter, Sister Lee and Sister Gu
Front Row:  Elder Jeong and Elder Cazier

Elder Wheeler on Elder Jeong's shoulders

Chase with his ward mission leader who is one of his "favorite members of all time!"

Elder Lee and Elder Yetter

Playing games at Family Night

Elder Lee at the pulpit


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