Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dongdaemun Week 13

Dear Family and Friends, 
So I'll start off with an experience I had this week which is one of the craziest experiences that I've had on my mission.  We had just gotten off a bus after a proselyting activity in another area when we started to introduce ourselves to the first person we saw.  Well, he wasn't very interested, but the kid who ran up asking, "Are you the mormons?" was pretty interested.  Now here's where it gets a little crazy. I asked him "how do you know who we are?" He goes on to tell me how he met this missionary in Nokbeon area during a street boarding activity who called him three or four times before the calls stopped.  As we are talking, we both realize that we met each other in January, called each other 3 or four times, and then because I got transfered and because he got a new phone, all contact stopped.  What's even crazier is that he is currently living in the Dongdaemoon area!  He's just one year younger than I am, and he remembered my age because I look super old to Koreans and he couldn't believe that I was 19.  Well we're meeting with him this week because he's looking for something to rely on and he wants to be different from his parents who are Christian and Buddhist, although we are a Christian church.  Anyways, I was just stunned that God planned it so perfectly and that this kid who was waiting for my call for 3 months just happened to meet up with us again.  This gospel is awesome.
This week also included my birthday which was well spent.  We started off by playing soccer in the morning and hanging out with our investigator who loves soccer.  We did some studies, headed over to the church to teach.  English class, which was fun, and afterwards all the Elders went out to a buffet for dinner which was delicious.  We also visited one of the college students in our ward who is currently serving as the ward clerk.  He's doing well and it was amazing to see his testimony of the Book of Mormon.  He's read it from the time he was 14 everyday and says that he can't start his day without it.  It just goes to show that the Book of Mormon is the foundation of testimony.  Then at about 9:30, the other Elders brought in two cakes that had been dropped off during the day, one of them by the bishop.  All in all, we ate quite a bit of cake.
This week we also had our weekly meeting with Brother Jo who was referred by a member in another ward.  He's in his mid 70's and he loves what we teach, but he also talks a lot.  The lesson went a little over, but he is preparing well for baptism and showed up for church on Sunday.  Plus, we got an emeritus member of the 70 helping us with the lessons, so its a blast.
Thanks for all the love and the birthday wishes!
Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Elder Wheeler and Elder Ashby with their street boarding sign

A pig's head at a meat market

Chase at the pork stand

Elder Ashby at the pork stand

Chase, Elder Ridge and Elder Green with Chase's 20th birthday cakes

Elder Wheeler and Elder Green with cupcakes they  made for a young girl in the ward

Former Elder Mattingly with Elder
Wheeler and Elder Ashby.  They
look like three angels!

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