Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dongdaemun Week 6

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was probably one of the craziest weeks I've had on my mission.  It started off with temple day on Tuesday which included our P-Day.  Well, we were deciding where to eat lunch after the temple visit, but a couple places were packed with customers, so we ended up at a meat buffet in ShinChon area.  But boy did I regret that decision. The next day, I woke up at about 6:15 and my stomach was killing me.  I asked Elder Ridge for some pills and as he was getting them for me, I followed him into his room where I threw up everywhere.  I felt bad for throwing up in their study room, but my body felt even worse.  Let's just say I got really bad food poisoning to the extent that my back was sore for the next day because my spine put so much effort into pushing the food out.  Well, I'm completely fine now, but surviving district meeting, an appointment with an investigator, and English class was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done on my mission.

On the next Thursday, I had a miracle filled experience with Elder Ridge on exchanges.  We went to visit a less-active who was referred to us by a missionary living in the area right next to ours.  So we headed over there only to find his older brother who wouldn't tell us anything about his brother who moved.  So after the short conversation, we decided to knock on the door right next to it, remembering that in Preach My Gospel (PMG) it says to knock on the neighbor's doors when visiting a referral (surely a prompting from the spirit).  Well, two young men our exact same age opened the door, let us in and we proceeded to teach a lesson and set up a return appointment.  The kid's English name is Brian and he originally came to believe in God through a dream he had a year ago.  I again realized how important it is to follow PMG and how much the Lord is in control of His work.  All we have to do is obey and the Lord will bless us bountifully.

On Friday, there was a baptism in the area next to ours.  The investigator read the entire Book of Mormon in a month before he was baptized.  Plus, when he went to visit the temple a couple days before his baptism, he met his high school friend who had gotten baptized weeks earlier.  They were both shocked to find out that the other was attending the same church.  Our investigator came for the baptism but had to leave 10 minutes before the service started because his house water pipes broke.... However, it was an amazing baptism, even if the water was a little cold.

In other news, stake conference was this week, and it went really well.  Our 19yr-old investigator came to the Saturday night session with his new friends in the stake who he met thru playing soccer on Saturday mornings.  We also went to soccer this past week, and it was pretty fun.  More importantly though, we got to hang out with 3 non-member friends who the young man in our ward brought.  Then on Sunday our mission President and his wife both gave great talks in Korean.  I was especially inspired by Sister Sonksen who did such a great job.  The day ended with proselyting while handing out Hot Chocolate in a randomly big snowstorm.

My companion Elder Kang went home this morning because his two years are up.  My new companion, Elder Ashby arrives on Wednesday and for the time being, I'm doing missionary work with Elder Erickson and Elder Ridge.  Elder Ashby has been on his mission for 6 weeks longer than I have and he goes home in two transfers, which means I have 3 left.  Elder Kang and I had a great last week together teaching investigators, especially the new couple that we are meeting with. 

Thanks for all of the love and support.

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Elder Wheeler and Elder Kang eating
at a conveyor belt sushi buffet with
an investigator

Chase with Elder Kim and Elder Yetter, APs

Elder Wheeler with Elder Lee from the MTC

Photos from a trip to the zoo on P-day

Enjoying a snow storm!

Elder Kang and Elder Wheeler's last photo

Chase with his new companion, Elder Ashby

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