Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dongdaemun Week 5

Dear Family and Friends,

Talk about a week of miracles, specifically as we were walking to email today.  So we finish making calls to old investigators and outside on the sidewalk we see this guy on his phone just standing there.  We introduced ourselves and he just starts trying to talk to us in English.  After we convince him that I can speak Korean and that my companion is Korean, he finally starts to tell us this insanely crazy story.  Basically, he's been to a bunch of different churches, and his last church is forcing all of the saints to learn English and move to Africa because the Korean land has apparently been "cursed."  Not only that, but amongst his associations, his friends have been telling him that his brother who committed suicide and his mother who died from the shock of the entire event are both going to hell because they didn't attend church, and this poor guy is just suffering from all of the guilt for not converting his family before they passed away.  He is so distressed with all these things that he is in the middle of sending a text to his old church as we walk up the street and start talking with him.  Long story short, he accepted a baptismal date and agreed to come on Sunday all while just eating the Plan of Salvation right up.  I could just see the relief when we told him about the spirit world and the next opportunity his mom would have to believe in Christ.  The longer I'm here the better I understand how truly applicable this gospel is.  He lives in the area next to ours, so the missionaries in our zone will get a sweet referral.  

This week I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges twice with two amazing missionaries.  On Wednesday we went to 이문 for exchanges, and I spent the day with Elder Seely who is super successful as a district leader.  Its great to see how many investigators he is teaching and how many are progressing.  We also did a fun street-boarding activity where we had people write their dreams on this board.  I learned a lot from Elder Seely as a goal setter.  I was really impressed with how well he sets goals and achieves them.  We also went on exchanges with the Elders in 화양 who are struggling a bit.  I had the opportunity to serve with Elder Carmen from Michigan who surprised me with how well he listens.  He is just a really greater learner.

For other news with investigators, we are teaching this awesome couple who have one child as investigators.  They are just super nice and I'm so pumped about teaching a family.  Also one of the investigators that is our young man's friend is making great progress.  We met and he kept his commitment to pray.  He'll probably get baptized, but we'll need his parents permission first.  The mom told her son not to until he graduates high school, which is like a year away.  Since I've gotten here, we have seen so many miracles with a big increase in investigators and member involvement.  

This past Sunday, we went on splits with the bishopric after church and it was super fun.  We had agreed to visit a less-active and asked the bishopric to help us out.  I had the chance to tag along with the second Counselor as we took the sacrament to an awesome older lady and after we visited the non-member parents of the young man in our ward.  I was excited to finally use a car.  Way more effective...Plus, the bishopric seemed to enjoy it and recognize how much we are working with the less-actives in our ward.  

This work is so fulfilling and filled with miracles.  Thanks for all the love and support.

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Chase's Zone
Chase is in the back row, 5th from the left

Zone Conference Photo

Zone Conference Photo

A cold, snowy day in Korea

Elder Wheeler and Elder Kang

Elder Kang and Elder Wheeler with one of the districts in his zone.

Chase's desk (complete with family photo) with Elder Kang
in the background.

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