Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sokcho Week 28

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was another really interesting week.  This past Monday, for our weekly P-day, we rented poles and went fishing.  We caught a fish in like the first 20 minutes, so we decided to go grab our fish ice box at the church which Brother Jeon gave us.  However, we had no luck catching anything but starfish when we came back.  It was a super fun experience though, and this cool guy came over and showed us how to do it.  After P-day was over, I went on exchanges with Elder Lanford, and we went to visit a member.  She was busy at the moment, so we went around knocking doors at the apartment there and had some good success.  Almost every door opened on one whole floor and we set up a return appointment and gave out some copies of the Book of Mormon.

On Tuesday, Elder Lanford and I headed over to the church to fix a sink that had been leaking water all over the floor.  We called a less-active member of our branch who hasn't been to church in about ten years and he came over and helped us out.  That was a super cool miracle along with the fact that he fixed our sink in like 20 minutes.  This week we also went to Gangneung again and had a really instructive training on discipleship.  We discussed how we can be better disciples of Jesus Christ and follow his example. One of the things they brought up was the option to do a hundred hour proselyting week.  Everyday this week we are going to get up at 5:30 and be out of the door by 6:30 and return at 9:30 at night.  We will have about 30 minutes for studies and basically dinner will consist of stops at the local 7/11's. Should be fun!

This week we also cleaned out an old house in Sokcho that elders have lived in in the past.  It's been vacant for about two years and was a real mess.  More importantly, we met with all of our investigators!  We had a super great talk with Do-Yeong and Brother Lim and our new investigator, JongNam.  Do-Yeong didn't come to church, but he wants to get baptized and we all did a fast together with him this past Sunday to get permission from his parents.  We discussed the baptismal interview questions with Brother Lim, and he is already keeping the Word of Wisdom!  He seems to really like our church, but he just does not have a strong enough testimony of the Book of Mormon yet.

I don't have a long time to write, but I'm again so grateful for all the love and support!  Sokcho has it's ups and downs, but overall, we're making progress.

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Fishing on P-day (6/1/15)

The catch of the day!

Elder Choi

Star fish

Elder Wheeler, Elder Shin and Elder Lanford

Sky writing in Gangneung

Yin Yang symbol

A home cooked meal

The blueberry farm in Yang Yang

View of Sokcho

The house that needed to be cleaned

Branch Activity

Elder Choi on the sling shot

Elder Lanford with his Angry Bird

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