Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sokcho Week 24 - Transfers!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was awesome! First of all because I had the chance to talk with my great family on Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  This transfer's calls were really interesting.  Elder Elwood is being transferred and I am getting a new Polynesian companion who is from Hawaii.  He's super awesome and funny so we should have a great time together.  I'll make sure to send some good photos next week.  In other sad news, the sisters' area is closing here in Sokcho due to the lack of sisters in the mission.  Elder Lanford is still Branch President and his companion, Elder Shin, is staying in the house.
This week we had the privilege of meeting with our investigators and picking up a new one.  Our new investigator's name is Brother Lee, and he is attending a Catholic church right now, but he's not super comfortable there.  What was cool was that when he walked into our small building, he mentioned how much peace he felt there.  We taught him parts of the Restoration before English class and then taught him English right after.  Koreans are actually pretty darn good at understanding English.
On Thursday, we spent some time serving Brother Kim again at his sweet Blueberry Farm in YangYang.  After serving at his Farm in the morning, he took us out to luch, and then we quickly hurried to an appointment in a remote part of YangYang.  It was pretty ridiculous to find the guy's house, but Brother Kim helped us out a bit by talking with the old guy on the phone.  One thing I haven't figured out is how to understand old, Korean men.  While we were teaching the guy, we kept seeing rats and mice running around in the background.  Sort of freaky, but we had a good lesson and committed him to read the Book of Mormon.
Lastly, Elder Elwood and I had the sweet opportunity of teaching a less active member of our branch this week.  We found out a lot about him and how he and his family want to come back to our church, but he has made a promise to attend another church.  He told us about how his family wants to attend our church because it is just such a loving and supportive atmosphere.  Since there are tons of less active church members here, we have been trying to focus a lot more on helping them.
Thanks so much for all the love!
Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler

Yang Yang

Yang Yang

Sokcho missionaries with branch members

Elder Wheeler and Sister Evans

Sokcho branch members

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