Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sokcho Week 21

Dear Family and Friends,

One thing was absolutely crazy this week: the weather.  One day we were wearing short-sleeve T-shirts and the next day we were wearing sweaters and suit coats.  On Thursday, it seemed pretty sunny outside, but after we had left for our lesson, the weather quickly turned.  By the time we finished our lesson and headed outside, the rain was flying sideways right into us.  We tried talking to a couple of people still, but they just ran away, thinking we were crazy for trying to talk to them in this weather, so we went into a convenience store and bought an umbrella.  The umbrella broke within a minute.  We just took a taxi home and called people because trying to talk to people in that weather was pointless.  Fun birthday though!

We had the privilege of also going to a piano recital for one of our member's daughter's last Saturday.  All the missionaries went to support her as she played a song that she had been working on for a while. I think she was glad for all the support.  She had quite the cheer section!  Brother Lim even came with us. Also on that Saturday, Elder Demordaunt and I went on exchanges together.  He is such an incredible missionary, and I was able to learn a ton from his example.  

This week we met a lot of new people, but unfortunately, none of our investigators came to church.  One man we have been working with, Brother Jin, continues to tell us how much peace he feels when he meets with us.  He lives in really humble circumstances, basically sleeping at the car garage, where he works.  We have taught him a lot about Faith, Repentance, and Baptism.  He has accepted all the steps really well. He has already started to repent and tells us about how much peace he feels when he does.  He wants to be baptized, but he can't come to church because he works everyday from 6am to 10pm.  When we met him today, he decided to ask his boss and pray with faith to get Sunday off so he can come to church.  It is such a wonderful experience to teach him every week.

On Monday night, we taught an interesting lesson to a man who lives in our apartment complex.  We sat down with him and had a great lesson; however his wife was on the floor next to us-snoring a little loudly.  Regardless of the slight distraction, he seemed really interested in our message, and maybe we can teach his wife next time too!

Thanks for all the support and love!

Your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Wheeler

Dinner with the missionaries and Sokcho Branch members

Photo from piano recital of a Sockcho Branch member (middle girl in back row)

Piano recital participants

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