Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sokcho Week 20

 Dear Family and Friends,

This was quite the week here in Sokcho.  This past week we have started to meet with some more really cool people.  One man we met at this parking garage where he works.  After talking for a little bit, he invited us into his little shack and we started to share the gospel with him.  We showed him the "Because He Lives" video which brought him to tears as he talked about his mom who had passed away.  We found out about the tough things he is experiencing and he is willing to try and start fresh.  He is a very kind and humble man.

We also started to meet with a man who currently lives on welfare.  He attends another church because his pastor basically told him that he was saved as long as he prays a lot.  We've met with him a twice and he seems to enjoy our meetings.  Last time we met, he brought in a trap with a fish in it that he put in a bowl of water.  During our lesson, the fish just started flopping around, spraying water all over his apartment.  He also showed up for conference, but he did sleep through quite a bit of it. We also went to YangYang on Thursday for a service project at a member's house.  It went really well and was a ton of fun.

General Conference was super awesome.  I don't know where to start.  Brother Lim showed for 4 sessions! He wasn't so sure about it on Saturday, but he told me that he liked the talks a lot on Sunday.  Plus, he has started to read the Book of Mormon.  What a huge step.  Unfortunately, our other investigators didn't show up mainly because we can't call anyone right now.  Our phone bill has yet to be paid which makes missionary work a little difficult.  Anyways, conference with the chance to hear from our beloved prophet and apostles, really put the pieces together for me.  God answered the questions I had and even gave me answers to questions that I hadn't even thought of.  It is amazing that God knows me that well.  I can't really pick a favorite talk because I got so much from each one.  

Lastly, today we had the opportunity to go to Seoraksan with Brother Jeon and all the missionaries.  It was an absolute blast.  The more and more I talk with him, I just continue to realize how awesome he is.  For example, he gets personal revelation from God really well.  Whenever he has a question, the first thing he does is pray about it.  I feel like I have learned more from him than he has learned from me.  Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes!

Your Favorite Missionary,

Elder Wheeler
Elder Lanford, Elder Wheeler, Member in Yang Yang, Elder Shin and Elder Elwood at lunch after service project

Elder Wheeler with an investigator and the aforementioned fish
Watching April 2015 General Conference at the Sokcho Branch meetinghouse

Cherry blossom tree in full bloom

Brother Jeon and Elder Wheeler on the P-day hike at Seoraksan National Park

Sister Evans, Sister Kim Onyu, Elder Wheeler

Elder Lanford balancing Elder Elwood on his bare hand!

Karate Kid, anyone?

Elder Lanford, Elder Shin, Elder Wheeler, Brother Jeon and Elder Elwood


Elder Wheeler and Brother Jeon

Elder Shin trying to get the right angle for the photo

Brother Jeon

Time for lunch!


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