Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sokcho Week 3

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was packed full of some awesome stuff.  On Tuesday, I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Gangneung.  I was with Elder Johnson for the whole day and, while I was there, we went to a sweet burger place where we met with a less active member of the church.  We then spent most of the time talking to more people on the street.  Actually, we had the opportunity to show a man the inside of our church for five minutes and possibly spark some interest.  Gangneung is a bigger city than Sokcho, but while I was there, I realized how much I already missed Sokcho.  
In the meantime during exchanges, Elder Elwood and Elder Gardner committed Brother Jeon to a Baptismal date!  He really loves the Book of Mormon and our unique message.  When he came to church again this Sunday, he told me how much he has already learned from the Book of Mormon.  He said it is really clear and straightforward, which is odd, because most Koreans have trouble reading the old writing style.  This experience again helped me see the power of the Book of Mormon.  Sometimes, I tend to take for granted the things I have learned from the Book of Mormon, but the truths that it contains are so helpful and enlightening.  
Returning to how awesome Brother Jeon is, he also donated a big winter coat to give to someone in need and, later that Sunday, he called me his son, teacher, and friend.  Basically, we are already super good friends and he has made friends with the church members in the branch.  Plus, we are meeting with him again tomorrow!
I really love Sokcho and the missionaries who I am working with.  I have already learned a lot from my companion and the other missionaries I work with.  For example, Elder Lanford, the Branch President, is super committed and works really well with the members.  It's a big comfort to me, as a missionary, to work with someone whose first priority is the branch.  There are a lot of amazing missionaries in this mission, so its easy to draw from their examples and become a better missionary myself.
One awesome thing about Sokcho is the many street vendors.  Since it is getting colder here, we have bought quite a bit of 호덕. 호덕 which is basically a super good fried pancake with sugar, cinnamon, and sunflower seeds in the middle.  They are only 50 cents, so I get them a lot.  
Thanks for all the support this Christmas Season!
Your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Wheeler
Church Building in Gangneung

Elder Johnson and his big burger!
Buildings in Gangneung

Buildings in Gangneung

Lake in Sokcho

Korean Vehicle

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