Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sokcho Week 4 - Getting Ready for Christmas!

Dear Family and Friends,

Christmas preparations are in full swing here in Sokcho.  Since it's our job to prep for the branch Christmas party, we have already spent quite a bit of time putting up decorations.  Its a good change of pace with our normal routine of missionary work, but I'm still anxious to get out and talk to more people during this wonderful Christmas Season.  Since the new "He is the Gift" or "그분은 선물임니다" video came out, we have been trying to show it to a lot more people.  It is a really well made short video that certainly helps me remember the importance of Jesus Christ.  
Here is the link if you want to watch it:
Well this past Tuesday, we headed to Seoul for an awesome Christmas Conference with President Christensen and other missionaries.  President Christensen talked to us about how to better tune ourselves with the Spirit.  It is truly God through the Holy Ghost who directs this entire work.  I am just grateful for the opportunity I have each day to participate in this work.  During the Conference, we also went caroling in Seoul with copies of the Book of Mormon.  It was super cold and the wind was blowing super hard, but still fun.  We also had a fun P-day in Seoul that included ice-skating, a Korean Buffet, and a late-night visit to the Temple.  I'm not very good at ice-skating, but I was able to go slightly fast while still surviving.  And, of course, the Temple is always a huge blessing.  Since we are so far away from Seoul,  we don't have the opportunity to go very often, so I was really grateful that I could spend some time there.
Also during this week, we continued to meet with Brother Jeon.  An awesome older man in our branch told Brother Jeon to read out of the lesson book we read for Sunday School, and he did.  He read the first six chapters of the book and really liked it.  He really loves all the things that we teach him.  He is making great progress and is continuing to read the Book of Mormon.  Plus, since he loves hiking so much, he wants to take us hiking through the awesome mountains up here on one of our preparation days.  The catch is that he will probably be busy for the next couple of weeks with his wife in town so we won't be able to meet with him very much.  
Lastly, on Thursday, I went on an exchange with the Branch President (who is one of the missionaries who Chase shares an apartment with).  I had the opportunity to visit one of the members in our ward with him.  Her name is Sister Park, and she is an awesome mother of 3.  She is particularly great because of her great care for her mentally handicapped child.  It was cool getting to visit her with Elder Lanford who is so awesome with the members.  Even though it is a super tough and high stress calling for a missionary to hold, he handles it really well.
Well I wish everyone a Merry Christmas from Sokcho!  On this great holiday, I hope we can take the time to remember our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ. Thanks for all the Christmas love!
Your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Wheeler 
Ice Skating in Seoul with the missionaries

View from Brother Jeon's apartment in Seoul

Christmas Decorations at the church

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