Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Week, New Teacher

Dear Friends and Family,

So it turns out that my investigator was actually my teacher. His name is Brother Sung and he teaches our district at night. I have one class after lunch and another one after dinner that goes until 9:20. We usually spend about one hour teaching, one hour learning Korean, and one hour learning about how to teach the gospel. I love both our teachers, and they are both returned missionaries from Seoul.

I am doing pretty well learning Korean at this point. I know that I just have to be patient at this point with the language and let it come as I work hard. I have started crafting my own phrases such as: 저는 성 형제님을 이해하지 않습니다 (I don't understand Brother Sung). Some days are harder than others to learn Korean, but I know that those days are there to remind me how much I do need God to learn this difficult language. This week we have learned about past, future, and negative tense, along with the two different numbering systems that are used in Korean. My companion and I continue to teach new lessons to both of our teachers now acting as "investigators." Although they are quite tough and frustrating, we are certainly making quite a bit of progress.

The MTC is really great, and I have made tons of new friends in my district. Our district is certainly one of the strongest and most focused in this Korean zone. We all get along super well and there is always someone with a hilarious joke (usually me or Elder Eggleston, who is awesome). He drew a great picture of me which I will send with this e-mail.

Although no apostles showed up, we had two great devotionals again this week. Sundays and Tuesdays are the best because of that very fact. One was focused on love and Charity, while the other was centered on making Jesus Christ more a part of our lessons and lives. On Sundays, two or three missionaries are called up at random to give a talk in Korean on an appointed topic. This makes it so that everyone has to be prepared. Luckily, I was not called on or that could have been a disaster.

Overall the MTC is awesome, but there are some not fun things about it. We have two service times a week which pretty much consist of cleaning toilets and vacuuming hallways and classrooms. Cleaning toilets once is definitely enough for me. We've also had some pretty great soccer games. I usually play goalie, and I've decided that I'm probably better than Tim Howard haha. I don't think that I'll ever get tired of the food, by the way. It's always something different with so many options.

I am seriously so grateful that I have the opportunity to be in the MTC. I learn something new everyday. Not just Korean, but I learn something new about myself and this wonderful gospel. I know without a doubt that this is where I need to be, and I know that this is the true church.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful support. I can feel the love and the prayers even all the way out here in Provo. Any questions? Just email me at or write me through Dear Elder. I'll try to respond on Thursday, my preparation day.

Your favorite missionary,

Elder Wheeler

P.S. Oh and thanks for the donuts mom! They were awesome. You are practically famous in our district. I also love the daily letters. They really do brighten my day. Thanks for being the best mom ever!

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