Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another Companion?

Friends and Family,

These three weeks have gone by so quickly.  I continue to accomplish so much in such little time.  I am now currently teaching three "investigators."  It takes so much time to prepare for each lesson, but I am certainly improving.  The lessons are now less scripted.  All I usually have with me is a vocab sheet in which I craft sentences in my head during the lesson.  I have been able to feel the spirit so much more when I am focusing on the investigator instead of reading off a piece of paper.  Our investigators also ask some really tough questions which are hard enough to answer in English.  We also do a thing called TRC every week.  During this time, people from around Provo who speak Korean come in and we teach them a lesson to the best of our abilities. 

Something very interesting happened this week.  Yesterday, Elder Bluhm and I got another companion.  His name is Elder Harvey and he is originally from Taiwan.  He was adopted and then lived in Utah.  He was originally called to the Anaheim, California mission- French Speaking, but his language was changed in the MTC for some unknown reason.  So after being with another companionships in our district, he is now with us.  He seems like a great missionary.  I'll make sure to tell you more when I get to know him better.  I only met him yesterday.

On another note, the food here is getting quite old.  At first it tasted pretty good, but it now tends to be sickening.  The Gym opened back up on Tuesday, so I am now back to playing a lot of basketball.  It is such a great time to release all the built up frustration over Korean.  However, I am being patient because I know it will eventually come.  Also, this week about 20 missionaries left our zone for their missions in Korea.  They all seemed really prepared; hopefully, I make it to that point.  On the bright side, about 25 missionaries joined our zone yesterday.  They are all headed to either Busan or Daejon.

This week at the MTC, T.C. Christensen, who produced 17 Miracles, and Stanley G. Ellis, a member of the seventy, spoke to us.  They were both amazing talks in which I felt the spirit so strongly.  Even when I am having bad days here at the MTC, the Lord constantly gives me tender mercies to remind me of His love for me.  For example, after a rough and discouraging day, I was able to teach a lesson that went really well.  It boosted my confidence quite a bit, and the spirit definitely cheered me up.  My testimony in this gospel grows so much everyday as I study and pray constantly.  I've learned so much from that amount of studying I have done.  God inspires me and guides me when I intently listen to his spirit and put forth effort by reading the Book of Mormon.  That book is so amazing, and I encourage all to read it.  I find answers in there to questions I thought I never had, and I always find things that I can improve on.

Again, Thank you for the awesome support.  I feel your prayers everyday and I love to hear from you.  If you want to contact me you can at:

Your favorite missionary,

Elder Chase Wheeler

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